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Getting Started on Your Exegesis Paper: Library Catalog

This guide offers some help with starting your research for your New Testament term paper. You'll find links to resources and tips for searching the library catalog.


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Using the Library Catalog

Library catalog

Use the Advanced Search; make sure you’re searching Library Catalog.  Change the dropdown next to the first search field to “Subject” and enter bible [biblical book] commentaries in the search field.  Sort your search results by “Newest-first”:


This will get you commentaries on these books.  Many will be in print; some will be online.

For critical works on aspects of these books, change commentaries to criticism, interpretation, etc.  Most things are in print, but some things are available online (see the example in the image above for an online item).

If you click on the titles for some of the results, you’ll see Subjects that might be helpful in finding other relevant books.

screenshot of sample item record with subject headings circled

[This example came from a question about diaspora/immigration aspects in 1st Peter:  for the book Strangers to family by Shively T.J. Smith, you’ll see Subjects like “Emigration and immigration – Religious aspects – Christianity – Biblical teaching” and “Emigration and immigration in the Bible.”  Click on the Subjects that look helpful to run new searches of the catalog for those topics.]