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Find UN Documents: Specific Types of UN Documents

Summaries of the Organization's Proceedings

Summaries of Member State Activities


The UN's treaty collection includes Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General, a resource containing treaties for which the UN is the depositary, as well as the broader UN Treaty Series, which includes all treaties registered with the UN by member states.  Novice treaty researchers will appreciate the glossary of treaty terminology, and other resources discussing the treaty-making process and treaty participation.  Older treaties registered with the League of Nations, the UN's predecessor organization, are also available.

Meetings and Voting Records

Judicial Opinions, Records of Proceedings, and Rules/Procedures

Documents transmitted by the International Court of Justice to UN entities including the General Assembly, such as reports, are available in the UN Digital Library, while the Court's own site is a better resource for material pertaining to particular cases.  ICJ opinions are available in Westlaw and Lexis within the International databases, but these opinions are (like all international content) not searchable from the main West/Lexis search bars.  ICJ opinions are also available in Oxford Reports on International Law, accessible via Databases A-Z.  Though these commercial databases provide court opinions, they do not typically include other court records.

Other Legal Entities

The Sixth Committee of the UN General Assembly focuses specifically on international legal matters, in consultation with the International Law Commission.  The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law is another UN entity dealing specifically with legal matters, focused on international commercial law.

The Security Council