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Find EU Materials: Sources of EU Documents (General)

The European Union's free online database EUR-Lex holds official EU documents, most translated into all 24 official languages of the EU.  In addition to any identifying information assigned by the issuing EU entity, documents in EUR-Lex are assigned unique identifying numbers called CELEX numbers, which, if known, researchers can use to quickly locate a document.

EUR-Lex offers researchers several search options, including searching from a main single search bar, searching by document/CELEX number, and a robust Advanced Search form offering numerous search fields and pre-search filters.  Researchers may also browse material from the home screen by entity or by document type.  


The Official Journal, available online via EUR-Lex and in print through 2013, publishes all final EU legislation in its "L" series, and other documents, such as notices and reports of cases at the Court of Justice of the European Union, are published in the "C" series.  The OJ serves as the official source for EU legislation; when verifying the authenticity of OJ material online, use the CheckLex platform provided by the EU Publications Office. 

EU documents are available in Westlaw, though as with other international content, are not searchable from the main search bar in U.S. academic subscriptions.  To locate EU documents in Westlaw, first select lnternational Materials, and then European Union to search or browse available resources.  Alternatively, you may search for a known category of materials from the main search bar (ex. "European Union Cases") and select the relevant suggested content page.

As with Westlaw, some EU documents are available in Lexis, but are not searchable from the main search bar.  To locate EU documents in Lexis, select the International tab, View All Countries, and European Union to reach the search page for EU Cases and EU Statutes and Legislation.

Subscription database, accessible via the library's database page.  Offers coverage of the EU and of national law in some EU member states.  Features include a citator for some common law jurisdictional  content, case history, headnotes, and PDF images from case reporters.  Offers PDF images of the EU's Official Journal.