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Career Research: Fast!

I only have 15 minutes!

First ResearchYOUR BEST BET: First Research (Intellect).

First Research has:

  • Call Prep Sheets with conversation starters
  • Industry reviews
  • SWOT
  • Executive talking points

If you only have time for one database, use First Research. In the unlikely event that your industry is not there, find a related industry.

  • EXAMPLE: If you have an interview at Pixar, look at "Motion Picture Production and Distribution" and also "Graphic Design."

I only have a couple of hours!

    1. First step: First Research. (See above.)
    2. Second step: Hoover's (formerly OneSource). Example of Avention Core
      Contains company profiles, analyst and market reports, SWOTs, and current news.

      Example of SWOT analysis from Hoover's (formerly OneSource:)

      Example of SWOT from OneSource

Example of search in BSP

    1. Third step: Business Source Complete.

      In Business Source Complete, search for the name of the company.

      Large companies
      Select SWOT in the second search box.
      Small companies
      Generally do not have SWOTs, so do a simple search for company name in any field. Look for news articles
    1. Fourth Step (Optional) - Factiva

      Hey, are you good at Factiva? Awesome! This is the time to use it!
      Reality check: if you've never used Factiva before, two hours before an interview is not the time to learn. Just move on to step 5 or ask a librarian for help!

    1. Fifth Step - Read, or at least skim, a book

      If you are at Owen, go to the Walker Management Library book stacks and grab some case interview books.

Walker Management Library

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Walker Management *Library
Walker Management Library

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