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Find UN Documents: UN Resolution Doc Symbols

UN Resolution Document Symbols

A.     Security Council Resolutions

Document Symbol:

                S/RES/<sequential number of resolution> (year of adoption)

Eg.          S/RES/1440 (2002)

B.     General Assembly Resolutions

Depending on the date of the resolution there are different formats.

Up to the end of the 30th Session

A/RES/<sequential number of resolution> (number of the General Assembly session in capitalized roman numerals)

Eg.          A/RES/491 (V)

After the 31st session in September of 1976

A/RES/<number of the General Assembly session in arabic numerals>/<serial number of the resolution for that session>

Eg.          A/RES/64/293.

Special sessions and emergency sessions have different symbols.

C.      Find Resolutions From UN Document Symbol Or Date

You have several options.

  1. Find the resolution by searching on the official website of the related UN Body
  2. Search ODS or UNBISnet using the Symbol or Date
  3. Search within International Legal Materials on:
    1. Lexis Advance
    2. WestlawNext
    3. HeinOnline

D.     Find Resolutions When UN Document Symbol And Date Are Unknown