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Blair Academy Students and Families: Halloween Party To-Go!

This guide provides information on collections and services offered by the Wilson Music Library to Pre-College students and their families.

Take the Halloween Open House Home as a Party To-Go!

We wish that we could be together in person for our annual Halloween Open House, but we invite you to take the party to-go! Halloween Party To-Go bags will be available from Blair Academy Ambassadors in the main lobby from 4-8 pm beginning Monday, Oct. 25 through Friday, Oct. 29. Each bag will include many of your favorite treats and activities from the Halloween Open House: a small craft project, a word search/crossword puzzle, a temporary tattoo, individually wrapped treats, and more. There are two bag options, one for students aged seven and below, the other for students aged eight and up.

If you are attending the Blair Academy virtually this semester, let us send you your Party To-Go! Use this link to submit your name and address information by October 25, 2021. You can also use the activities on this page to supplement your Party To-Go pack. All of the Wilson Music Library staff members miss seeing you in person, but we hope that you will enjoy this version of our spooky celebration.

Halloween Craft:

Are you looking for a fun and easy Halloween craft? Why not make a Q Tip skeleton? Step by step instructions with photographs by Stella Bell are available at My Frugal Halloween.

Picture of a skeleton made out of q tips glued to a black sheet of construction paper.

Listen to "Scaredy-cat Splat!"

Perfect for Halloween, the Storytime Now! channel on YouTube features a reading of Scaredy-cat, Splat! by Rob Scotton.

Past Halloween Celebrations:

Color photograph of Mary Biddlecombe dressed as a bright yellow and black bee conducting the costumed Boy Choir.

Mary Biddlcombe conducts the Nashville Boy Choir during a special performance at the Open House.

Photograph by John Russell/Vanderbilt University, 2012.

Kindermusik students trick or treating in the Music Library. Holling Smith-Borne kneels down to talk to a child dressed as a green dragon with an orange tummy.

Kindermusik students drop by the Music Library for treats in 2019.

3 children enjoying donuts and other snacks at the Open House. The middle child is dressed as Minnie Mouse.

Enjoying snacks during the Open House.

Photograph by John Russell/Vanderbilt University, 2012.

Photograph of a female skeleton dressed in a tattered white robe holding a black raven.

Nadia Boo-langer with her pet raven.

A young girl dressed as a pirate with long, wavy black hair getting a temporary tattoo on her cheek.

A temporary tattoo for a pirate!

Photograph by John Russell/Vanderbilt University, 2012.

A group photo of six girls in various costumes, including a cowgirl, Minnie Mouse, ballerina, Cleopatra, a cat, and a pirate.

2012 attendees pose in their costumes.

Photograph by John Russell/Vanderbilt, 2012.

Students in Halloween costumes playing fiddles, led by Crystal Plohman dressed as Darth Vader.

Fiddle Frenzy performs at the 2019 Open House.

An empty fish tank with three skeleton fish.

The Music Library's "new" aquarium.

Students in the Strings Reading Orchestra following a performance. Students are dressed in white tops and black skirts or pants.

The Strings Reading Orchestra performed at the 2019 Open House.

Three girls in costume using reference books to answer scavenger hunts.

Scavenger hunt in the Music Library.

Photograph of a male skeleton dressed in a tattered white suit with a black bow tie and battered white hat.

Charles Ghoul-nod, out for a stroll.

A skeleton arm sticking out of a large shelf of books.

Just browsing the stacks...

Group of costumed students playing music bingo around an oval table.

Music bingo during the 2011 Open House.

Costumed students listen to a story read by Sara Manus, dressed as a Renaissance woman with a head circlet and veil.

Story time in the Music Library.

Statue of David in the Blair courtyard (seated and playing harp) wearing a clown's wig and nose for Halloween.

David is ready for Halloween!

A large black spider stands atop an open reference book next to a small skull.

A giant spider standing guard in the reference section.

A paper mural made with colorful stickers that shows a black castle and large bat against an orange and yellow background.

"Sticking Together" in the Music Library.

Photograph of Chris Waldrop dressed as the Vanderbilt Commodore standing next to Holling Smith-Borne who is wearing a purple coat with piano keys and a large hat.

The Commodore pays us a visit!

Black and white photograph of the scores section decorated with large cobwebs, black cloth, and spiders.

The "Haunted Stacks" - enter if you dare!

Photograph of a skeleton torso and head with a sign that reads

Just decomposing...

Halloween Playlist:

Michael Jones has created a Spotify Halloween Art Music playlist to help you get in the mood for a spooky celebration. Selections include:

  • Paul Dukas, Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • Mussorgsky, Night on Bald Mountain
  • Bach, Toccata and fugue in D minor
  • Saint-Saëns, Danse Macabre
  • Stravinsky, Histoire du Soldat

Music Bingo:

Bingo Baker offers Musical terms bingo cards. You can print the cards or play online (this option requires registration for a free account). The site also generates a callout list.