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Peabody Library Research Channel: Undergraduate Students: Welcome


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Welcome to the Peabody Library Research Channel!

As an undergraduate, you'll be asked to do all sorts of research projects and papers in your courses. So, how can this guide help? Here are some ways you may want to navigate the information found in the Research Channel:

  • University-level research includes several parts, and starting early will help make sure you're not pushing everything until the last minute.
    • Review the steps in the research process, using this guiding document
    • Set a timeline with goals for your researching & writing to help you make progress leading up to your deadline.
  • Think about the type of information you need for your project, and then start outlining. This template will help.
  • Remember the campus resources that are here to help! Some good strategies if you're stuck -- make an appointment with a subject librarian, meet with a tutor, and/or schedule a consultation with a coach from the Writing Studio.

As always, if you have any questions, contact a librarian!