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MSF Orientation : Persuasive Speech

Databases: Articles and Statistics

Once you have explored your industry, you will want to gather additional data to persuade your classmates to work in this sector. Areas of interest may include data on specific companies or trends within an area. 

Databases: Company Research

It's Okay to Google, but please...

Searching the internet is quick and easy, and can be a great source for relevant, quality information. Caveat Emptor: evaluate the resources you use.

Here are some guidelines to assess Internet resources, such as Web pages and blogs:

  • Currency - Is the information current? Is it updated regularly?
  • Reliability - Is the source reputable? Is it accurate?
  • Authority - Who created the information? Why?
  • Purpose/Point of View - Is there a balance of perspectives? Is the information biased?

Please see this additional information about the CRAP test as well as the Vanderbilt University presentation What The Crap?