Digital Commons: Designing Graphs and Charts for Publication

Instructions for downloading software and data for the Digital Commons Presentation by Joshua Borycz and Francisco Juarez on February 25th, 2022. The slides to this presentation are also provided here.

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Designing Graphs and Charts for Publication

  • Sponsor: Digital Commons, Stevenson Science & Engineering Library
  • Facilitators: Josh Borycz & Francisco Juarez, Librarians for STEM Research
  • Date and Time: February 25th, 2022 at 12:00pm CDT
  • Location: Zoom

How can you go from data in a spreadsheet to a publication-ready figure? Whether you’re representing your research through scatterplots, bar charts, heat maps, or some other form of data visualization, doing so is easier than ever with current digital technologies. 

In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate how to use Tableau and R within RStudio. Tableau is a user friendly plotting software with an intuitive drag and drop interface. R is a scripting language that allows users to manipulate, analyze, and plot data quickly and reproducibly. Whether you’re just figuring out how to create plots or are ready for more advanced data visualization, you’ll learn about new options for producing quality figures.

This workshop will be led by Josh Borycz and Francisco Juarez, librarians for STEM research at the Stevenson Science & Engineering Library. The workshop will have plenty of time for questions, so bring the graphs and charts you’re working on!



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