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COVID-19 Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Searches: Home

PubMed search strings to provide guidance on COVID-19. In some cases, the search has been broadened to include recent epidemics and pandemics.


At the request of the Office of Nursing Research, we have prepared search strings to answer specific questions related to nurses/nursing and COVID-19. There are two sets of questions: one for COVID-19 and the other for recent epidemics such as SARS, MERS, and Ebola. With the recent pandemic, the literature is limited at this time so it became necessary to include the knowledge gained from past epidemics to inform the actions of nurses and health care workers during these times. The searches are primarily focused on nurses/nursing. However, there are instances where the searches have been expanded to include health care workers and medical staffing. HINT: when in PubMed, click on Sort by Best Match to quickly identify some of the most relevant articles.