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Citing Music Materials According to Chicago: Scores

This guide provides examples of how to cite various music materials according to the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed.

How Do I Find the Information That I Need to Cite?

The cover page of the score typically includes the information that you need to construct a bibliographic citation. In this example, we find composer, title, place of publication, and publisher; date is often on the other side of the title page in small print.

Elements of a Score Citation:

The following elements are required to create a complete citation for a musical score:

  • Composer (editor, arranger, librettist, lyricist, etc., should also be included as appropriate)
  • Title of work
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher
  • Date of publication

Citing a Score:

Sample footnote entry for the entire work:

1. Hector Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique (New York: Dover, 1997), 25.

Sample footnote entry for a single movement of the work:

1. Hector Berlioz, Mvt. V, "Songe d'une nuit du Sabatt," Symphonie Fantastique, (New York: Dover, 1997), 93.

Sample bibliography entry for the entire work:

Berlioz, Hector. Symphonie Fantastique. New York: Dover, 1997.

Sample bibliography entry for a single movement of a work:

Berlioz, Hector. Mvt. V, "Songe d'une nuit du Sabatt," Symphonie Fantastique. New York: Dover, 1997.