Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

List of resources useful for undergraduate and graduate students studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Download Instructions

Instructions for downloading ChemOffice Professional 16

1) Go to

2) Find Vanderbilt under Institution and enter your email address where indicated (has to be a address) and click continue.

3) Login with Username and Password if you have already registered, if not please register (see file below for more detailed instructions on registration).

4) This will take you to the Product Information page with a link the newest version of ChemDraw (20.1) and the Quick Start Guide at the bottom of the page. Select ChemOffice+Cloud 20.1 to get a list of download links. Find the option for you OS under File Description and then select the blue link under File Name to begin downloading.

5) On this page are instructions stating that you may not have to activate your new ChemDraw download. Follow these instructions to see if this applies to you:

ChemOffice+ Cloud (Previously named ChemOffice Professional)

You may not need to activate! If prompted for an activation code, please do the following:

Go to Order History tab on the left navigation pane

Click on applicable order #

Scroll down to the activation code on the right side

Complete this Webform if you have not received a License ID for your Mnova software. If you cannot complete all the fields, send an email to

6) After you have downloaded the software, follow instructions for installation (see file below for more detailed instructions on installation).

You can get help with access and updating from Tia Repscher (, Program Coordinator Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology).

To get help with technical issues or use questions contact either Joshua Borycz (, Librarian for STEM Research in the Stevenson Library) or Meghan Sawicki (, Perkin-Elmer Representative for Vanderbilt University)



ChemDraw Keyboard Shortcuts

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