New Books at Peabody Library: June 2023

New Books in the Main Collection

100 years, 100 voices : Texas Tech University
Call number: LD5314 .A83 2022

A dream defaulted : the student loan crisis among black borrowers
Houle, Jason N.
Call number: LB2340.2 .H685 2022

A minor revolution : how prioritizing kids benefits us all
Benforado, Adam
Call number: HV741 .B443 2023

A revolution betrayed : how egalitarians wrecked the British education system
Hitchens, Peter, 1951-
Call number: LC93.G7 H58 2022

AI and ed : education in an era of artificial intelligence
Goens, George A.
Call number: LB1028.43 .G64 2022

America's early Montessorians : Anne George, Margaret Naumburg, Helen Parkhurst and Adelia Pyle
Gutek, Gerald Lee
Call number: LB1029.M75 G87 2020

APA handbook of adolescent and young adult development
Call number: BF724 .A66 2023

APA handbook of nonverbal communication
Call number: BF637.N66 A63 2016

Assessing the nation's report card : challenges and choices for NAEP
Finn, Chester E., Jr., 1944-
Call number: LB3051 .F566 2021

Assessment tools for mapping learning outcomes with learning objectives
Call number: LC1033.5.I4 A87 2021

At risk : black youth and the creative imperative in the post-civil rights era
Griffiths, Jennifer L., 1968-
Call number: BF724.3 .C73 G75 2023

At school in the world : developing globally engaged teachers
Call number: LC1090 .A78 2023

Between the mountain and the sky : a mother's story of love, loss, healing, and hope
Doyne, Maggie
Call number: HV1285.9 .D69 2022

Bilingual development in childhood
De Houwer, Annick
Call number: P115.2 .D44 2021

CBT treatment plans and interventions for depression and anxiety disorders in youth
Chu, Brian C.
Call number: RJ506.D4 C39 2023

Changing conceptions, changing practices : innovating teaching across disciplines
Call number: PE1404 .C4728 2022

Child welfare, protection, and justice
Desai, Murli
Call number: HV713 .D476 2021

Civil rights and federal higher education
Call number: LC212.42 .C585 2022

Clinical simulations as signature pedagogy : educator preparation across the disciplines
Call number: LB1029 .S5 C556 2021

Co-creating equitable teaching and learning : structuring student voice into higher education
Cook-Sather, Alison, 1964-
Call number: LB1033 .C635 2022

Coming of age in 2020 : teenagers on the year that changed everything
Call number: HQ796 .C687 2022

Corpus linguistics and second language acquisition : perspectives, issues, and findings
Lu, Xiaofei (Computer scientist)
Call number: P118.2 .L8 2023

Culturally responsive and sustaining education : framing diversity, equity, and social justice education in a local to global context
Call number: LC1099 .C8252 2023

Culturally responsive practices in speech, language and hearing sciences
Hyter, Yvette D.
Call number: RC424.7 .H98 2022

Daniel Coit Gilman and the birth of the American research university
Benson, Michael T.
Call number: LD2626 .G55 B46 2022

Depression in children's lives
Crnic, Keith
Call number: RJ506.D4 C76 2021

Dialects at school : educating linguistically diverse students
Reaser, Jeffrey, 1976-
Call number: PE2841 .R327 2017

Distant readings of disciplinarity : knowing and doing in compositionrhetoric dissertations
Miller, Benjamin (Poet)
Call number: PE1404 .M55 2022

Doing reflective practice in English language teaching : 120 activities for effective classroom management, lesson planning, and professional development
Farrell, Thomas S. C. (Thomas Sylvester Charles),
Call number: PE1128.A2 F37 2022

Drugs : mind, body, and society
Rosenthal, Martha S.
Call number: HV5801 .R638 2022

DSM-5-TR made easy : the clinician's guide to diagnosis
Morrison, James
Call number: RC455.2.C4 M67 2023

Early colleges as a model for schooling : creating new pathways for access to higher education
Edmunds, Julia A.
Call number: LB1620 .E368 2022

Employee engagement in nonprofit organizations : theory and practice
Akingbola, Kunle
Call number: HF5549.5.M63 A55 2023

Endless siege : education and nationalism in Vidya Bharati schools
Iwanek, Krzysztof
Call number: LC94 .I5 I93 2022

English language proficiency testing in Asia : a new paradigm bridging global and local contexts
Call number: PE1068.A7 E65 2020

English morphology for the language teaching profession
Bauer, Laurie, 1949-
Call number: PE1171 .B38 2020

English with an accent : language, ideology, and discrimination in the United States
Barrett, Rusty
Call number: PE2808.8 .B37 2023

Entrepreneurship for social change
Call number: HD60 .E87 2021

Entry planning for equity-focused leaders : empowering schools and communities
Cheatham, Jennifer P.
Call number: LC1200 .C44 2022

Environmental justice : law, policy, & regulation
Villa, Clifford
Call number: KF3817 .R385 2020

Environmental management : concepts and practical skills
Lame, Marc
Call number: GE300 .L358 2023

Equality or equity : toward a model of community-responsive education
Duncan-Andrade, Jeffrey Michael Reyes
Call number: LC213.2 .D863 2022

Equipped for reading success : a comprehensive, step-by-step program for developing phoneme awareness and fluent word recognition
Kilpatrick, David A.
Call number: LB1573.3 .K55 2022

Exploring comics and graphic novels in the classroom
Call number: LB1044.9.C59 E87 2023

Foundations of embodied learning : a paradigm for education
Nathan, Mitchell J.
Call number: LB1028.38 .N37 2022

Fundamentals of water security : quantity, quality, and equity in a changing climate
Call number: HD1691 .F86 2022

Gender in childhood
Brown, Christia Spears
Call number: HQ1075 .B76 2020

Ghosts of the orphanage : a story of mysterious deaths, a conspiracy of silence, and a search for justice
Kenneally, Christine
Call number: HV978 .K46 2023

Global citizenship education in the global South : educators' perceptions and practices
Call number: LC1090 .G56 2023

Great college teaching : where it happens and how to foster it everywhere
Campbell, Corbin M.
Call number: LB2331 .C325 2023

Handbook of research on learner-centered approaches to teaching in an age of transformational change
Call number: LB1027.23 .L4152 2022

Handbook of research on policies and practices for assessing inclusive teaching and learning
Call number: LC1200 .H348 2022

Handbook of treatment planning for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders
Call number: RJ506.A9 H36 2022

Handbook on the science of early literacy
Call number: LB1139.5.L35 H38 2023

Higher education in Russia
Kuzminov, Yaroslav
Call number: LA839.4 .K89 2022

Hope and healing : Black colleges and the future of American democracy
Wilson, John Silvanus, Jr., 1957-
Call number: LC2781 .W563 2023

How a city learned to improve it schools
Bryk, Anthony S.
Call number: LB2802.C5 B859 2023

How colleges use data
Gagliardi, Jonathan S.
Call number: LB2341 .G255 2022

I have been buried under years of dust : a memoir of autism and hope
Gilpeer, Valerie, 1951-
Call number: RJ506.A9 G562 2021

Ideology and curriculum
Apple, Michael W.
Call number: LC191.4 .A66 2019

Inclusion, equity, diversity, and social justice in education : a critical exploration of the sustainable development goals
Call number: LC1200 .I53 2022

Innovations in literacy professional learning : strengthening equity, access, and sustainability
Call number: LB2844.1.R4 I66 2023

Inside education : exploring the art of good learning
O'Brien, Stephen
Call number: LB41 .O225 2016

Instructional moves for powerful teaching in higher education
Murphy, Jeremy T.
Call number: LB2331 .M83 2023

Jim Crow's pink slip : the untold story of black principal and teacher leadership
Fenwick, Leslie T.
Call number: LC2802.S9 F46 2022

Knowledge towns : colleges and universities as talent magnets
Staley, David J., 1963-
Call number: LA227.4 .S765 2023

Knowledge-based social entrepreneurship : understanding knowledge economy, innovation, and the future of social entrepreneurship
Kabir, Mitt Nowshade
Call number: HD60 .K33 2019

Language Teacher Educator Identity
Barkhuizen Gary
Call number: P53.27 .B37 2021

Leading change while loving people : change management insights from the non-profit sector
Lee, Yulee
Call number: HD58.8 .L4237 2023

Literacy learning for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers : key practices for educators
Wright, Tanya S.
Call number: LB1139.5.L35 W74 2022

Longitudinal studies of second language learning : quantitative methods and outcomes
Call number: P118.2 .L669 2023

Madness at the movies : understanding mental illness through film
Charney, James, 1946-
Call number: RC454.4 .C43 2023

Malady of the mind : schizophrenia and the path to prevention
Lieberman, Jeffrey A., 1948-
Call number: RC514 .L54 2023

Mapping corporate education reform : power and policy networks in the neoliberal state
Call number: LC71 .M317 2015

Mentoring while Wwhite : culturally responsive practices for sustaining the lives of Black college students
Call number: LB1731.4 .M66 2022

Migrants shaping Europe, past and present : multilingual literatures, arts, and cultures
Call number: P115.45 .M446 2022

Mindful interventions in special education
Keller, Julia A. H.
Call number: LC3965 .K36 2023

Modern Miss Mason : discover how Charlotte Mason's revolutionary ideas on home education can change how you & your children learn & grow together
Boden, Leah
Call number: LC40 .B63 2023

Myths of trauma : why adversity does not necessarily make us sick
Paris, Joel, 1940-
Call number: RC552 .T7 P38 2023

Not paved for us : black educators and public school reform in Philadelphia
Royal, Camika
Call number: LB2822.83 .P4 R69 2022

Open access literature in libraries : principles and practices
Brunsting, Karen
Call number: Z286.O63 B76 2023

Our children can't wait : the urgency of reinventing education policy in America
Call number: LC89 .O78 2023

Personal management in India and worldwide : the past, present, and future
Som, Rana
Call number: HF5549.2 .I4 S66 2023

Policies, practices, and protocols for the implementation of technology into language learning
Call number: PE1128.3 .P65 2022

Poverty impacts on literacy education
Call number: LC4086 .P69 2022

Practicum and internship : textbook and resource guide for counseling and psychotherapy
Jungers, Christin M.
Call number: RC459 .B68 2019

Praxis-oriented pedagogy for novice L2 teachers : developing teacher reasoning
Johnson, Karen E.
Call number: PE1128.A2 J623 2023

Privatization and the education of marginalized children : policies, impacts, and global lessons
Call number: LB2806.36 .P748 2017

Qualitative data analysis : key approaches
Call number: H62 .Q35 2023

Queer precarities in and out of higher education : challenging institutional structures
Call number: LC2574.6 .Q436 2023

Racial opportunity cost : the toll of academic success on Black and Latinx students
Venzant Chambers, Terah
Call number: LC3719 .V46 2022

Reading instruction that works : the case for balanced teaching
Pressley, Tim
Call number: LB1573 .P72 2023

Reclaiming Anishinaabe law : Kinamaadiwin Inaakonigewin and the treaty right to education
Baskatawang, Leo
Call number: E99 .C6 B365 2023

Recreational therapy and the international classification of functioning, disability, and health
Call number: RM736.7 .R435 2016

Recreational therapy basics, techniques, and interventions
Call number: RM736.7 .R43 2016

Recreational therapy for specific diagnoses and conditions
Call number: RM736.7 .R437 2015

Reflective practice in language teaching
Call number: P53 .F37 2022

Research methods for social justice and equity in education
Atkins, Liz (College teacher)
Call number: LC213 .A875 2019

Rethinking college admissions : research-based practice and policy
Call number: LB2351 .R484 2022

Second language pragmatics
Ren, Wei (Linguist)
Call number: P118.2 .R447 2022

Sibling therapy : the ghosts from childhood that haunt your clients' love and work
Lewis, Karen Gail
Call number: RC489 .F33 L49 2023

Sink : a memoir
Thomas, Joseph Earl
Call number: HV4999.C45 T496 2023

Sister resisters : mentoring black women on campus
Ward, Janie Victoria
Call number: LC2781 .W37 2022

Social Entrepreneurship in Non-Profit and Profit Sectors : Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives
Call number: HD60 .S64 2017

Strategy, policy, practice, and governance for AI in higher education institutions
Call number: LB2395.7 .S768 2022

Student-centered classrooms : research-driven and inclusive strategies for classroom management
Call number: LB3013 .S87 2022

Supervision in school psychology : the developmental, ecological, problem-solving model
Simon, Dennis J.
Call number: LB3013.6 .S56 2023

Systems thinking made simple : new hope for solving wicked problems
Cabrera, Derek
Call number: BF449 .C23 2018

Teaching and learning practices that promote sustainable development and active citizenship
Call number: JZ1320.4 .T43 2021

Teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling (TPRS) : an input-based approach to second language instruction
Lichtman, Karen, 1981-
Call number: P118.2 .L534 2018

Technology integration and transformation in STEM classrooms
Call number: Q181 .T3546 2023

TESOL guide for critical praxis in teaching, inquiry, and advocacy
Call number: PE1128.A2 T4517 2022

Textured teaching : a framework for culturally sustaining practices
Germán, Lorena Escoto
Call number: LC1099.515.C85 G47 2021

The academic library in the United States : historical perspectives
Call number: Z675.U5 A347 2022

The child's environment
Bradley, Robert H., 1946-
Call number: HQ767.9 .B723 2020

The death of learning : how American education has failed our students and what to do about it
Agresto, John
Call number: LC1011 .A43 2022

The discourse reader
Call number: P302 .D564 2014

The dual enrollment kaleidoscope : reconfiguring perceptions of first-year writing and composition studies
Call number: LC146.54 .D83 2022

The dyslexic advantage : unlocking the hidden potential of the dyslexic brain
Eide, Brock, 1962-
Call number: RC394.W6 E33 2023

The emotional lives of teenagers : raising connected, capable, and compassionate adolescents
Damour, Lisa, 1970-
Call number: BF724.3.E5 D36 2023

The experiences of Black women diversity practitioners in historically white institutions
Call number: HF5549.5.M5 E96 2023

The heart and mind in teaching : pedagogical styles through the ages
Lowery, Alyssa Magee.
Call number: LA11 .M26 2014

The inclusion illusion : how children with special educational needs experience mainstream schools
Webster, Rob, 1976-
Call number: LC1203.G7 W43 2022

The instructional leadership cycle
Allen, Daniel (Writer on educational leadership)
Call number: LB2805 .A4486 2022

The internationalization of higher education : concepts, cases, and challenges
Call number: LC1090 .I584 2023

The nature of intelligence and its development in childhood
Sternberg, Robert J.
Call number: BF432.C48 S94 2020

The science of children's religious and spiritual development
Mahoney, Annette
Call number: BV4571.3 .M34 2021

The sleepy owl
Pfister, Marcus.
Call number: PZ7.P448558 Sl 1986

The special needs child and divorce : a practical guide to handling and evaluating cases
Price, Margaret S.
Call number: KF547 .P75 2022

The teacher's guide to action research for special education in PK-12 classrooms
Lohmann, Marla J.
Call number: LC3969 .L59 2023

The touch of the present : educational encounters, aesthetics, and the politics of the senses
Todd, Sharon, 1962-
Call number: LA135 .T64 2023

Theories of early childhood education : developmental, behaviorist, and critical
Call number: LB1139.23 .T52 2017

Toward more sustainable metaphors of writing program administration
Call number: PE1404 .T688 2023

Training and conditioning young athletes
Bompa, Tudor O.
Call number: GV443 .B619 2023

Trans studies in K-12 education : creating an agenda for research and practice
Call number: LC192.6 .T73 2022

Transforming Hispanic-serving institutions for equity and justice
Garcia, Gina Ann, 1978-
Call number: LC2670.6 .G354 2023

Transforming leadership pathways for humanities professionals in higher education
Call number: LB2341 .T722 2023

Trauma-sensitive care for infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds
Sorrels, Barbara
Call number: HQ778.63 .S67 2022

Understanding and treating sleep disturbances in autism : a multi-disciplinary approach
Call number: RC547 .U53 2022

Understanding self-injury : a person-centered approach
Lewis, Stephen P.
Call number: RC552 .S4 L49 2023

Unraveling faculty burnout : pathways to reckoning and renewal
Pope-Ruark, Rebecca
Call number: LB2333.3 .P67 2022

Unsettling the university : confronting the colonial foundations of US higher education
Stein, Sharon, 1986-
Call number: LA226 .S687 2022

Unwired : gaining control over addictive technologies
Bernstein, Gaia
Call number: RC569.5 .I54 B47 2023

Violence in the work of composition : recognizing, intervening, ameliorating
Call number: PE1404 .V56 2022

What are preschoolers thinking? : insights from early learners' misunderstandings
Schickedanz, Judith A., 1944-
Call number: HQ774.5 .S3456 2022

Whole-child development, learning, and thriving : a dynamic systems approach
Cantor, Pamela
Call number: HQ767.9 .C36 2021

Writing the classroom : pedagogical documents as rhetorical genres
Call number: LB2361 .W75 2022

New Books in the Youth Collection

A seed in the sun
Salazar, Aida
Call number: PZ7.5.S23 Se 2022

Aviva vs. the Dybbuk
Lowe, Mari
Call number: PZ7.1.L7384 Av 2022

Berry song
Goade, Michaela, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.1.G614 Be 2022

Big dreams, small fish
Cohen, Paula (Illustrator), author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.1.C6418 Bi 2022

Black bird, blue road
Pasternack, Sofiya
Call number: PZ7.1.P37545 Bl 2022

Breathe and count back from ten
Sylvester, Natalia
Call number: PZ7.1.S994 Bre 2022

Eight nights of flirting
Reynolds, Hannah, 1988-
Call number: PZ7.1.R4865 Ei 2022

Ellen outside the lines
Sass, A. J.
Call number: PZ7.1.S26476 El 2022

Fish and Wave
Ruzzier, Sergio, 1966- author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.7.R94 Fis 2022

Luqman-Dawson, Amina
Call number: PZ7.1.L865 Fr 2022

Garvey in the dark
Grimes, Nikki
Call number: PS3557.R489982 G37 2022

Gigi and Ojiji
Iwai, Melissa, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.I9528 Gi 2022

Gobble you up! : based on a Rajasthani folktale
Wolf, Gita
Call number: PZ10.3.W725 Go 2013

Honestly Elliott
McDunn, Gillian
Call number: PZ7.1.M43453 Ho 2022

Hot dog
Salati, Doug, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.1.S2476 Ho 2022

I did it!
Emberley, Michael, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.7.E456 Iad 2022

Graziadei, A. L.
Call number: PZ7.1.G7363 Ic 2022

If you give a cat a cupcake
Numeroff, Laura Joffe.
Call number: PZ7 .N964 Ic 2008

In the blue
Hourigan, Erin, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.1.H677 In 2022

Iveliz explains it all
Arango, Andrea Beatriz
Call number: PZ7.5.A72 Iv 2022

Kings of B'more
Thomas, R. Eric
Call number: PZ7.1.T46548 Ki 2022

Knight owl
Denise, Christopher, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.D41496 Kn 2022

Listen : how Evelyn Glennie, a deaf girl, changed percussion
Stocker, Shannon
Call number: ML3930.G6 S76 2022

Magic : once upon a faraway land
Ortega, Mirelle, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.1.O77 Mag 2022

Malala, Iqbal : two stories of bravery
Winter, Jeanette
Call number: DS389.22.Y68 W56 2014

Man o' war
McCarthy, Cory
Call number: PZ7.1.M417 Man 2022

Me and the boss : a story about mending and love
Edwards, Michelle
Call number: PZ7.E262 Me 2022

My fine fellow
Cohen, Jennieke
Call number: PZ7.1.C6396 My 2022

Noodle and the no bones day
Graziano, Jonathan
Call number: PS3607.R39933 N66 2022

Not enough lollipops
Maynor, Megan
Call number: PZ7.1.M388 No 2022

Now what? : a math tale
Harris, Robie H.
Call number: PZ7.H2436 Now 2019

Our planet! : there's no place like Earth
McAnulty, Stacy
Call number: QB631.4 .M379 2022

Owl and penguin
Madan, Vikram, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.7.M3318 Ow 2022

de la Peña, Matt
Call number: PZ7.P3725 Pat 2022

Phenomenal AOC : the roots and rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Denise, Anika
Call number: E901.1.O27 D46 2022

Pluto! : not a planet? not a problem!
Call number: QB701 .M336 2023

Remixed : a blended family
Chung, Arree
Call number: PZ7.C4592 Re 2022

Ruby's Chinese New Year
Lee, Vickie
Call number: PZ7.1.L437 Rub 2018

Scout's honor
Anderson, Lily, 1988-
Call number: PZ7.1.A526 Sc 2022

Shadows and reflections
Johnson, Robin (Robin R.),
Call number: QC425.2 .J64 2021

Sitting shiva
Silver, Erin, 1980-
Call number: PZ7.1.S5387 Si 2022

Something's wrong! : a bear, a hare, and some underwear
John, Jory
Call number: PZ7.J62168 So 2021

Soul food Sunday
Bingham, Winsome
Call number: PZ7.1.B5347 So 2021

Standing in the need of prayer : a modern retelling of the classic spiritual
Weatherford, Carole Boston, 1956-
Call number: BL625.2 .W43 2022

Kearney, Rob, 1991-
Call number: PZ7.1.R755 St 2022

Sunday funday in Koreatown
Kim, Aram, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.1.K55 Sun 2021

Sweet justice : Georgia Gilmore and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
Rockliff, Mara
Call number: F334.M753 G557 2022

That's not my name!
Syed, Anoosha, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.1.S24 Th 2022

The boy & the bindi
Shraya, Vivek, 1981-
Call number: PZ7.S5591473 Bo 2016

The coquíes still sing : a story of home, hope, and rebuilding
González, Karina Nicole
Call number: PZ7.1.G65223 Co 2022

The last mapmaker
Soontornvat, Christina
Call number: PZ7.1.S677 Las 2022

The notebook keeper : a story of kindness from the border
Briseño, Stephen
Call number: PZ7.1.B757425 No 2022

The real Riley Mayes
Elliott, Rachel, author, artist.
Call number: PZ7.7.E446 Re 2022

The red pencil
Pinkney, Andrea Davis
Call number: PZ7.5.P56 Re 2014

The runaway pea
Poskitt, Kjartan
Call number: PZ8.3.P5963 Ru 2021

The Scarecrow
Ferry, Beth
Call number: PZ7.1.F47 Sca 2019

The sour grape
Call number: PZ7.J62168 Sou 2022

The tower of life : how Yaffa Eliach rebuilt her town in stories and photographs
Stiefel, Chana, 1968-
Call number: DS135.L52 E357 2022

The words we keep
Stewart, Erin, 1982-
Call number: PZ7.1.S7457 Wor 2022

This is a school
Schu, John, 1981-
Call number: PZ7.1.S336547 Th 2022

Too sticky! : sensory issues with autism
Malia, Jen
Call number: PZ7.1.M34696 To 2020

Pérez, Celia C., 1972-
Call number: PZ7.1.P44747 Tu 2022

We deserve monuments
Hammonds, Jas
Call number: PZ7.1.H36336 We 2022

We march
Evans, Shane
Call number: PZ7.E8924 We 2012

When the cousins came
Yamasaki, Katie, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.Y19157 Wh 2018

Which one doesn't belong? : playing with shapes
Danielson, Christopher
Call number: QA445.5 .D37 2019