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HIST 2413 - Global History of Waste

News Sources

Vanderbilt is home to the Vanderbilt Television News Archive, the world's most extensive and complete archive of tv news, including tv news broadcasts of the national networks since August 5, 1968. It includes items from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News, as well as news content from specials. You can search the TV News Archives via their website or the Library Catalog

At the TV News Archive home page, click on "Advanced" Search (located directly below the search box). The computer searches in both the title and abstract.

On the Advanced Search page, right under the search box, you will see three options, "Word search", "Phrase Search", and "Boolean". Use the "Word Search". You can limit your search to a specific date range. This can be helpful when comparing the news from different decades.

Word Search:

The "Word Search" is the default advanced search and is usually the one you should use. In a word search, the computer matches only the items that have all the words in either the title or abstract, but the words do not have to be next to each other. The word search gay marriage returned 447 items. (Look at abstract in the record for Congress/Same Sex Marriage, NBC Evening News for Thursday, July 11, 1996)

Other Searches:

Phrase Search: In the "Phrase Search", the computer matches only the items that have the words together in either the title or abstract. The phrase search gay marriage returned 339 items. (Look at any record)

Boolean Search: Do NOT enter just gay marriage for a Boolean search. The default Boolean operator is 'or', so the computer returned 4505 items. Add a + (plus) in front of each word that must appear in the results. The Boolean search +gay +marriage returned 447 items (the same as the word search).