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HathiTrust Access

Information for Users with Print Disabilities

What is HathiTrust?

Housed at the University of Michigan, HathiTrust is a partnership of academic and research institutions from around the world and dedicated to preserving our cultural record. Vanderbilt University, as a partner organization, can now share these digitized collections of some of the nation’s great research libraries with eligible persons with print disabilities. This access to electronic copies of more than 14 million titles even includes copyrighted materials that would not normally be available to our library users.

About HathiTrust Access for Individuals with Print Disabilities


Through a designated Proxy, Eligible Patrons at HathiTrust Supporting Institutions can receive special access to in-copyright materials in HathiTrust. The materials must be held currently, or have been held previously, by the Supporting Institution’s library, as indicated through print holdings information submitted to HathiTrust.


Eligible Patron: an affiliated user at a Supporting Institution who has a print disability for which access to digital copies of library books is a reasonable and appropriate accommodation.

Print disability: a disability – such as a visual impairment, learning disabilit, physical disability, or other disability – that impedes a person’s ability to access print in the standard way.

Proxy: a representative designated by a HathiTrust Supporting Institution who accesses in-copyright content on behalf of an Eligible Patron. At Vanderbilt University, Jim Toplon is the designated proxy and can be contacted at or 615-343-4222.

Supporting Institution:  the University who is a member of HathiTrust, in this circumstance, Vanderbilt University.