Tools for Accessing Library Resources

EZproxy Bookmarklet

Most library electronic resources can be accessed from off campus using links on the library website (e.g., library search or Databases A-Z). By using these links, you are routed through our proxy server and asked for your VUnetID. Once you have authenticated, the content provider knows you are an authorized Vanderbilt user. While we recommend always starting your research from the library website, we know there are times when users discover content via other avenues (e.g., Google search or links to resources through your email). If you go directly to a publisher's site without having logged in as a Vanderbilt user, you will not be recognized as having access to full-text content the library has purchased. 

For these cases, the EZproxy Bookmarklet will add the proxy prefix to the URL and prompt you to authenticate. A bookmarklet is like a browser extension but more lightweight and can be used on any browser that supports bookmarks, including mobile browsers. If you are not on campus and hit a paywall, click on the VU Proxy bookmark and the resource, if Vanderbilt has access, will be accessible. 

To install the EZproxy Bookmarklet, drag this link VU Proxy to your bookmarks toolbar (or right-click and select to add to bookmarks).

Article page with paywall

Article after authentication

Note: the EZproxy Bookmarklet only works for resources that the library owns or licenses. If you still can’t access the full text, try looking for it in library search. You may need to request the article through Resource Sharing.