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Finding Journal Articles: Finding articles: Business Source Complete

Want to Quickly Find Journals?

If you know a specific article that you want to read but don't know where to find it, use the Journal Search function. It tells you which Vanderbilt databases have the full text of your article. If the article is not available, it lets you request that the Library obtain a copy for you. This service is called ILL (or Interlibrary Loan.)

We also have access to journals via the Browzine platform, making it easy to keep up with journals in your area of study right from your tablet or smartphone. See the Browzine research guide for more information, or click on the Browzine logo while looking at a journal's information. 

Finding Journal Articles in Business Source Premier

Business Source Complete is a robust business database that contains the full text articles of Harvard Business Review, California Management Review, Sloan Management Review as well as hundreds of other business journals and publications. You can use this database to easily search for articles in a particular journal or just by subject if you don't know the journal name. Save time & be more efficient: Let the database do the work for you!

1) Once in the database, click on the link for PUBLICATIONS to search forarticles in a specific journal.

2) Type in the name of the journal in the BROWSE FOR box then hit the Browse button. Next click on the link to the journal name.

3) Browse the journal by dates or click on the Search within this publication link to add your keywords to find articles about your topic.

4) Next, add any keywords to limit the articles in that journal. Make use of the right side drop down menu to broaden or narrow your search. Broadest searches are Select A Field and progressively narrowing (or filtering) the search are (in the following order:) Subject Terms, Abstract and Title. Note: there are other ways to limit the search which focueses the results; remember to look at the other options.

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Finding Fulltext Articles

What is  ?

FindIt@VU provides direct links from a database citation to the fulltext of the article (if available.) This helps you when the database you are in does not have the rights to the full text of the article that you want to read.

You'll also see FindIt@VU buttons in Library Catalog.

An FAQ for FindIt@VU is also available.