Psychology Resources: Historical Research

Historical Research in Psychology

Those doing historical research in psychology may find the following out-of-the-way resources of some value. Books on the history of psychology and the great giants of psychological science will be found in the first part of the BF classification—from BF1 to about BF150.

History of Psychology: A Guide to Information Sources. (Detroit: Gale, 1979)
Z7204 .H57 V56 (Central Library stacks)
This is a good first book to consult, as it contains references to many important resources concerning the history of psychology.

Catalog of Selected Documents in Psychology. 12 volumes. (Washington, DC: APA, 1971-1982)
BF1 .C33 (Central Library stacks)

Guide to Manuscript Collections in the History of Psychology and Related Areas. (Milwood, NY: Kraus International, 1982)
BF81 .S58 1982 (Must request from Annex)

The Women of Psychology. 2 volumes. (Cambridge, MA: Schenkman, 1982)
BF95 .S73 (Must request from Annex)

Biographical Dictionary of Psychology. (New York: Routledge, 1997)
BF109 .A1 B56 1997 (Peabody Library stacks ; Central Library reference)

History of Psychology in Autobiography. (Various publishers, 1930-2007)
BF109 .A1 H5 (Central Library stacks)

The Psychologists. 2 volumes. (New York: Oxford UP, 1972-1974)
BF109 .A1 K7 (Must request from Annex)

Models of Achievement: Reflections of Eminent Women in Psychology. 3 volumes. (New York: Columbia University Press, 1983-2001)
BF109 .A1 .M6 (Central Library stacks)

Names in the History of Psychology. (Washington, DC: Hemisphere, 1975)
BF109 .A1 Z85 (Peabody Library stacks ; Annex)

Mental Health Book Review Index. 17 volumes. (1956-1973)
Z6664 .N5 M49 (Must request from Annex)

Harvard List of Books in Psychology. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard, 1971)
Z7201 .H28 (Central Library stacks ; Peabody Library stacks)

A History of American Psychology in Notes and News, 1883-1945: An Index to Journal Sources. (Milwood, NY: Kraus International, 1989)
Z7201 .H52 1989 (Central Library stacks)

Eminent Contributors to Psychology. 2 volumes. (New York: Springer, 1974)
Z7201 .W37 (Peabody Library reference ; Annex)

A Century of Serial Publications in Psychology, 1850-1950 : An International Bibliography. (Milwood, NY: Kraus International, 1984)
Z7203 .O8 1984 (must request from Annex)