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HIST 1111 - FYWS: Shari'a: Islamic Law in Historical Perspective

Citation Exercise

In this exercise, you will determine:

Step 1. Type of source that is cited (book, article, etc.)

Step 2. Which library resource to use to locate the source

Step 3. How the source is available...?
in the library?  (use the How to Read a Call Number guide to determine where it is located in the library)
2: eBook?
3: not at Vanderbilt; only through InterLibrary Loan?


   Melchert. “Early History of Islamic Law.”   

Which Type of Source is Cited Above?
Book: 7 votes (15.22%)
Book Chapter: 19 votes (41.3%)
Journal Article: 20 votes (43.48%)
Total Votes: 46


Early Juristic Opposition to Women’s Ḥadīth Transmission.”

Which Type of Source is Cited Above?
Book: 2 votes (5.41%)
Book Chapter: 18 votes (48.65%)
Journal Article: 17 votes (45.95%)
Total Votes: 37