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Tadoku (多読) - Extensive Reading Resources: Online resources

Free Online Resources (login required)

さくら多読ラボではやさしい日本語のめます。(The site includes a reading level test and more books with higher reading levels.)


  • login requires Nickname, password, native language, Japanese level and country
  • htm版 works for PC
  • ePub版 works for iPad
  • mobi版 doesn't work for PC or iPad
  • including questionnaire for your comprehension after reading (questionnaire can only be taken once)

Free Online Resources (no login required)

Free Reading Materials with Audio/Video

NHK News Web EASY やさしい日本語のニュース

This news site, provided by NHK, provides news in easy Japanese. Click the news of your interest to read the text with furigana. If you would like to read without furigana, click 「漢字の読み方を消す」. You can listen to the news by clicking「ニュースを聞く」.

Learn Japanese Through Story

More than 70 simple Japanese stories in audiovisual format. Includes English translations for difficult vocabulary.


NHK programs include video retellings and scripts for a wide range of stories.

おはなしのくに クラシック

NHK programs include video retellings and scripts for classical Japanese stories.


NHK program aims to introduce Japanese culture. (such as sushi, manga, etc.) to foreigners.


Free Web Magazine in simple Japanese


Tadoku reading  level 2-5 online books

Magazine in Simple Japanese 

Matcha (highly recommended)

 A web magazine dedicated to bringing the rich culture and history of Japan to foreigners. 


日本語 を 勉強する人が 間違(まちが)えやすい 日本(にほん)のことについて、4コマ 漫画(まんが)で 紹介(しょうかい)します。

Bilingual Web Magazine for Advanced

I-House Quarterly

Issued by International House of Japan, this newsletter provides information on the activities of the I-House. Includes interview articles, program schedule, etc.

T Japan: The New York Times Style Magazine: Japan (level 4- )

The Japanese edition of T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Dedicated to fashion, beauty, design & interiors, art, food, and entertainment.

Book Recommendations

Want to read more books that are not currently in our collection?

Check out the list of the books on these guides:  

University of Kansas: Resource Guide for Japanese Language Students 

UCLA: Japanese Extensive Reading Collection

Please email me with your purchase recommendation!