LAW 9123 - Race and the Law Seminar: Class 12: Critical Race Theory - Recommended Readings

Critical Race Theory Recommended Readings

Materials in the Vanderbilt Libraries on the Subjects of:

Web Links on Critical Race Theory

The following represent a few web sites that may be of research value on this topic.  However, you may wish to expand your search on a search engine and check for additional sites on the internet that could be helpful.  Also use different search engines since they do not all check the same sources.

Legal Periodicals

Legal periodicals provide a wealth of sophisticated and detailed legal analysis. Typically, law review or law journal articles address a single topic or subtopic in great depth. If legal scholars have written on your topic, you should take pains to identify those articles. You will likely want to cite to those articles in your paper. Additionally, if you hope to write a publishable article, you will need to differentiate your arguments from arguments that have already been made on the subject.

Selected List of Relevant Law Reviews

Here are a few legal periodical titles specific to this area of law. Remember that general interest law reviews may also have published articles on your topic, so it is wise to run searches in the larger combined databases on Westlaw and Lexis to ensure that you do not miss any important articles.