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HODC 3342: Introduction to Community Psychology : Other resources

Other resources

Books on urban parks

Books on playgrounds

Book on Nashville parks

The Nashville Way: Racial Etiquette and the Struggle for Social Justice in a Southern City.

Books and other resources in Nashville Public Library on Nashville parks.

Equity in Parks and Recreation: A Historical Perspective -Provides a historical overview of policy-based and individual factors that have contributed to inequitable access to parks and green space. 

Community Engagement Resource Guide: Creating Equitable Access to High-Performing Parks - This guide provides a roadmap for park and recreation professionals and partners to implement equitable and inclusive community engagement strategies, addressing barriers that hinder or prevent park and recreation agencies' ability to work collaboratively with the community. 

Equity in Practice Resource Library - The library is a set of vetted, curated resources that support learning of equity concepts around park and recreation functions. 

TSU guide to Hadley Park

Tennessee Encyclopedia