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ENGL 1111-19 - Growing Up Latino & Latina - Amich: Incorporating Your Sources

Concentrate on the material you are gathering.

From everything's an argument, p. 143:

"Any academic argument is only as good as the material it presents in its support, so you need to be careful as you search for evidence. 

"With each major piece of evidence... take the time to summarize the main points, to analyze how those points are made, to evaluate their effectiveness, to synthesize the results of your analysis and evaluation, and to articulate what you think about this article. 

"In this way, you are testing each piece of evidence and deciding which to keep -- and which to throw out."

Incorporating Sources in Your Writing

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The Writing Studio provides many handouts, including several on "Incorporating Sources" which may prove helpful when you need to use scholarly articles and other sources for your writing assignments.

Below are a few of the handouts provided that are relevant to library research.

You can also schedule an appointment with a Writing Studio consultant. The registration page includes information about what to expect during the session.