Vanderbilt’s Agreements Supporting Open Access Publishing

As the scholarly publishing landscape has grown more complex with the advent of new publishing models, the Jean & Alexander Heard Libraries has negotiated transformative (read-and-publish) agreements with several publishers to better support faculty, staf

BMJ Case Reports

BMJ Case Reports, a journal published by BMJ, publishes real world case reports on common and rare conditions with a special emphasis on differential diagnosis, decision making, management, clinical guidelines, and pathology.

  • Vanderbilt's agreement waives the publication fee but not the open access fee of 475 GBP. Authors are responsible for the open access fee.
  • Access BMJ Case Reports.

Instructions for Authors

How does it work?

  • Only corresponding authors are eligible.
  • Publishers use a variety of methods and tools to confirm eligibility. Whenever possible, we have identified eligible affiliated groups that might appear in the publisher's list (e.g. Peabody or Vanderbilt University Medical Center); however, to ensure that an author is recognized, it is best to select Vanderbilt University as the affiliation and use a Vanderbilt email address at the point of submission/acceptance. It is also recommended to include one's ORCID iD.
  • BMJ Case Reports uses institutional fellowship codes.
  • The corresponding author will need to contact the Eskind Biomedical Library for the institution's fellowship code. Please submit your request here.
  • For specific instructions on how to submit a case report, please visit