Vanderbilt’s Agreements Supporting Open Access Publishing

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews publishes 52 STEM journals. Articles synthesize primary literature on current topics.

  • Vanderbilt University participates in the Subscribe to Open (S2O) program.
    • The S2O publishing model relies on sufficient institutional subscriptions to convert gated journals to open access volume-by-volume. If enough libraries continue to subscribe to a journal at a level to sustain its operational costs, the current year’s volume becomes open access. If there is not enough support, then the traditional paywall is maintained.
  • Vanderbilt's agreement waives the article processing charges (APCs) for open access.
  • Articles are published under a Creative Commons license.
  • To view a list of the included journals, please visit Subscribe to Open and scroll down to the "Which journals are currently in the Subscribe to Open program?" section.

Instructions for Authors

How does it work?

  • For journals that are part of the S2O model, all articles for a given calendar year are published as open access if the subscription revenue is met.
  • Authors are not charged APCs.