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ASAM 2102: Asian American History: From 1924 to the Present: Research Planning

Why Should I Start With These Resources?

Good question -- here are a few reasons:

  • Get an overview of a new or complex topic
  • Find authoritative information
  • Find out the names of key players in a given area
  • Locate terms that you can use in your research
  • Help narrow (or expand) your topic
  • Locate a bibliography of sources to help you start your research.

Overviews and Beginning Sources

Several databases can be good beginning points with introductory overview essays on your topic and some include bibliographies of the principal recommended secondary and primary sources. These can be good starting points for thinking about your topic and identifying the key recommended works.

Asian American Studies Related References

Sometimes the best place to start is a subject specific encyclopedia.  All titles below can be accessed online.