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Searching Vanderbilt Television News Archive

A guide to searching Vanderbilt Television News Archive for Vanderbilt Users


Navigate to the library’s website:

From the website click on Databases A-Z

This opens the alphabetical list of accessible databases. 

In the right-hand search box, enter Vanderbilt, and click go. This opens the results for database with Vanderbilt in the title. Click on the Vanderbilt Television News Archive link. 



If you are not already logged in, this brings you to the Single Sign On

Enter your VUNetID and click Next


Then, you will be asked to enter your password. 

Click Sign On 

This opens the Vanderbilt Television News Archive website. 

It is important that you access Vanderbilt Television News Archive using the library’s website and Single Sign On, as opposed to accessing Vanderbilt Television News Archive’s website directly.  Doing so allows you to access Vanderbilt Television News Archive through the proxy. This allows you, as a Vanderbilt user, to view full streaming video content. 


Next, we will search democratic conventions by entering Democratic Convention into the search box. 


Click Search 

The system returns 21,167 results, which is far too many. There are a few reasons for this. First, let us narrow the search by date. For our purposes we will look for the 1968 Democratic Convention.  We will use the Limit Search To A Specific Date and limit the search to 1968-08-05 through 1968-12-31and then, click Search

Doing so reduces our search to 159 results. 

By default, the system combines each word in our search with the OR Boolean Operator.  To correct this, click the button for Phrase Search. Since we know our content is a news special, not a commercial, news segment, introduction, good night, or evening news, we will use the limiters and limit our search to Specials. Click Search. 

That reduces our search to 89 items. 



Select the first item. 

The system returns the record for the first item. 

The record includes the title of the clip and the clip number.  Click the play arrow to view the clip. 

The record also includes an abstract, reporters, and the duration of the clip. 


If you wished to borrow a copy of the clip for other research purposes, you would click add clip. The system would add the clip to a shopping cart for your account.  In most instances, viewing the clip via streaming is sufficient. The following tutorials explain how to request a loan.  

This completes our introduction to searching for television news content in Vanderbilt Television News Archive.