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HIST-1353-01 Atlantic History in the Digital Age: Finding Books in Library Catalog

Library Catalog

Finding Books in Other Libraries?

There are thousands of library catalogs out there and only one of you.

It's time for every researcher's secret weapon:


WorldCat contains more than 125 million records describing items owned by U.S. libraries and libraries around the world.  

These items include books, manuscripts, musical scores, films, newspapers, etc.

Useful Library of Congress Subject Headings

Try a "SUBJECT begins with" search using one of the Library of Congress Subject Headings listed below:

Atlantic Ocean Region

Blacks Atlantic Ocean Region

Confraternities Mexico

Cuba Foreign relations United States

Haiti History 1804-1844

Haiti History Revolution 1791-1804

Hispaniola History

Maroons Panama (or Caribbean, West Indies, etc.)

Mexico History Spanish Colony 1540-1810

Philippines Commerce

Slave insurrections

Slave trade Caribbean

Slaves Emancipation Hispaniola

Slavery Hispaniola

Spain Colonies America

Spain History 711-1516

Spain History Ferdinand and Isabella, 1479-1516

Spain History House of Austria, 1516-1700

Spain History Charles I, 1516-1556

Spain History Philip II, 1556-1598

Jesuits History Sources

Law Spain Colonies

Latin America History To 1600

Keyword vs. Subject Searching

Step 1: Start your search process by brainstorming a list of keywords that describe the main concepts of your topic or question.

Step 2: Use these keywords for your initial searches.

Step 3: Use the Subject Heading links in the Library Catalog record to refine your search.

Step 4: You may also want to try a SUBJECT begins with search in Library Catalog with your keywords.

Library Catalog search

Search Tips

1. Use AND to combine terms

example:  jesuits AND mexico

2. Use OR to search related terms

example:  War OR Warfare

3. Use $ or ? to truncate a word and return all possible endings

example:  jesuit$

(searches for all variants of the words jesuit, jesuits, jesuitas..)

4. Use parentheses when combining OR and AND in a single search

(pirates OR piracy) AND Mediterranean