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EBL Staff Scholarly Activity and Collaborations

The Eskind Biomedical Library (EBL) staff are extremely delighted and dedicated to supporting and collaborating with the VU AND VUMC research community. Our efforts range from collection development, cataloging resources for access, literature searching, resource training, literature review consultations, and acquiring materials that aren't in the collection through our phenomenal document delivery service. All of this helps our institutions achieve their respective research missions.

In addition to the numerous co-authorships and acknowledgements, we occasionally publish and present on topics that are of interest to us.  This webpage was created as a way to communicate our research contributions to the entire Vanderbilt community. Our continued inquiries to assist researchers and referrals are a testament to the added value brought to the institutions not only by EBL but all of the Vanderbilt University Libraries.

Thank you to everyone who provides these opportunities and to those who inform us about them so we can document and communicate our efforts. We also monitor the literature databases and Google Scholar throughout the year to complete this webpage. Feel free to contact us with additional citations we may have missed.

Lastly, please complete our very brief (<2min) questionnaire on library usage (staffing or resources) and scholarly activity. The survey and webpage complement each other as part of our added value strategy.

More information on assigning authorship or acknowledgements:

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