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This guide contains resources to complement various workshops offered for Divinity students


One thing we really care about in the Divinity Library is making explicit the implicit assumptions in academic work--those things you're just expected to know without anyone ever teaching you. This guide offers resources to equip you with that "insider knowledge," particularly in the areas of reading and writing. Each tab of this guide corresponds with a workshop that can be taught by a librarian either in a class, one-on-one, or in any small group setting. Think of it as a menu. But feel free to explore the material without direct guidance if you like.

Subject Librarians

Chris Benda

Kashif Graham

Keegan Osinski

Bobby Smiley

Chris Benda Kashif Graham Keegan Osinski Bobby Smiley

Critical Studies in Asian, Islamic, and Jewish Traditions

Hebrew Bible & Ancient Israel

New Testament & Early Christianity

Global Christianities & interreligious Encounter

Mediterranean & Near Eastern Studies

Homiletics & Liturgics

Religion, Psychology, & Culture

Black Religion & Culture Studies


Pastoral & Prophetic Congregational Leadership

Religion & the Arts

Spirituality & Social Activism

Ethics & Society

Theological Studies

Religion & Economic Justice

Religion, Gender, & Sexuality

Historical Studies