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Privacy, Surveillance, & Intellectual Freedom: Home

Buchanan Library Fellowship (Fall 2020)

This site contains the final projects produced by Vanderbilt students in the Privacy, Surveillance, & Intellectual Freedom seminar, a part of the Vanderbilt Libraries' Buchanan Library Fellows Program.

Fellowship description

New online research environments have made the discovery and consumption of information easier than ever. However, these environments often threaten privacy and intellectual freedom by relying on surveillance economies and architectures. In this seminar, fellows will explore the intersection of privacy and intellectual freedom, and the surveillance logics that influence online research and communication practices. Using a variety of formats (such as a podcast, presentation, or video Public Service Announcement), Fellows will create final projects that analyze issues related to technology and privacy.

Fellowship project

For their final project, students selected a topic of interest related to course discussions and paired up to plan, record, and edit a podcast. In addition to the podcasts, fellows complied a list of further readings on their topics.

Fall 2020 Fellows

David Cohen

Haylee Hayes

Emily Irigoyen

Indu Kumar

Matthew Sohn

Shannon Yan


Andrew Wesolek 

Melissa Mallon

This podcast is recorded and produced by Haylee Hayes and Emily Irigoyen.

This podcast explores the philosophical evolution of privacy through the lens of Facebook's development. Privacy definitions are analyzed in relation to technological innovations and ethical controversies, including the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Twitter's handling of the 2014 Ferguson Black Lives Matter Protest, and more. This podcast is recorded and produced by David Cohen and Matthew Sohn.

Data Privacy and Surveillance indicate an emerging legal dilemma, wherein existing legal structures fall short of protecting intellectual freedom. This podcast investigates the history and development of federal statutes governing digital information, providing a foundational understanding of relevant law. This podcast is recorded and produced by Haylee Hayes.

This podcast is recorded and produced by Induja Kumar and Shannon Yan.