RLST 1010 - Encountering Religious Diversity - McNicholl

Resource guide for local history sources for Prof. Adeana McNicholl's RLST 1010 Encountering Religious Diversity course.

Databases for Local History

African American Newspapers (Readex)

For local coverage, include "Nashville" as one of your search terms.

Digital Sanborn Maps

Early insurance maps of Nashville covering roughly 1888 to early 1950s.  The maps show the locations of buildings insured by the Sanborn Insurance Company and indicate their locations on street maps.  

Hathi Trust

Hathi Trust includes books digitized by the Google Books Project and the Internet Archive.  It includes many local history sources on Nashville and Tennessee.

Heritage Quest

Now owned by Ancestry, Heritage Quest includes many full-text city directories which include listings of local churches.  It also includes many digitized books on local history and genealogy.  In addition to "Nashville," try using "Davidson County" as a search term to find local histories covering the county.  

Nashville Historical Markers: Religious Sites

Tennessee's Historical Marker Program includes a number of religious sites.  Check out this page for more information on existing historical markers around town.

Nashville Historical Markers: Historical Sites

A few of the historical sites listed on this page includes St. Patrick's Catholic Church and the Temple Cemetery (founded by the first Jewish congregation in Nashville).

Proquest Historical Newspaper: Nashville Tennessean (1812-2002)

The Tennessean newspaper database includes many of Nashville's early newspapers in addition to the Tennessean.  Be sure to include searches of the African American Newspapers database as their coverage will be different from the Tennessean database.

Vanderbilt Television News Archive

The TV News Archive includes major network coverage for 1968 to the present.