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HIST 1111 - FYWS: Gandhi

Getting Started


Remote Library Resources & Services


As a Vanderbilt student you can:

  • get help with your research assignments by using Ask a Librarian.
  • borrow books and other items from any of the campus libraries (except Special Collections). 
  • return most items you check out to any library. 


How Did Gandhi’s Experience in South Africa Shape His Philosophies?






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  • Central Library has a materials budget of 2 million dollars.
  • Vanderbilt Library subscribes to over 700 databases.
  • These resources make up a majority of the Deep Web
  • Google, Bing and other familiar search engines capture less than 1% of information on the Web.



Companions are books authored and edited by scholarly writers that give background information about topics. This background can further your understanding of the issues and/or complexities surrounding your topic and the time period when it takes place. 

You can find "companions" on many topics. Just do a keyword search in the Library Catalog for the word "companion" and the word(s) for your topic to see if one has been published. Below are some examples of the variety of companions you might encounter - from the broad to the narrow in scope.


Subject specific encyclopedias and historical dictionaries are useful points of departure for your research.  Some of the titles below can be accessed online.