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How to Read Medieval Art

An enlightening, accessible guide to understanding and appreciating European art from the Middle Ages How to Read Medieval Art introduces the art of the European Middle Ages through 50 notable examples from the Metropolitan Museum's collection.

A Companion to Medieval Art

"A Companion to Medieval Art" brings together cutting-edge scholarship devoted to the Romanesque and Gothic traditions in Northern Europe. Contains over 30 original theoretical, historical, and historiographic essays by renowned and emergent scholars.Covers the vibrancy of medieval art from both thematic and sub-disciplinary perspectives. 

Art and Architecture in Medieval France

This is an English-language study on the architecture and art of medieval France of the Romanesque and Gothic periods between 1000-1500.

Investigations in medieval stained glass : materials, methods, and expressions

In this book, we have chosen to step away from national, chronological, and regional models. Instead, we started with scholars doing interesting work in stained glass, and called upon colleagues to contribute studies that represent the diversity of approaches to the medium.

Gothic Sculpture

In this beautifully illustrated study, Paul Binski offers a new account of sculpture in England and northwestern Europe between c. 1000 and 1500, examining Romanesque and Gothic art as a form of persuasion. Binski applies rhetorical analysis to a wide variety of stone and wood sculpture from such places as Wells, Westminster, Compostela, Reims, Chartres, and Naumberg.

Medieval Bodies : life, death, and art in the Middle Ages

In Medieval Bodies, art historian Jack Hartnell uncovers the complex and fascinating ways in which the people of the Middle Ages thought about, explored and experienced their physical selves. In paintings and reliquaries that celebrated the - sometimes bizarre - martyrdoms of saints, the sacred dimension of the physical left its mark on their environment.

Iconography Beyond the Crossroads

This volume assesses how current approaches to iconology and iconography break new ground in understanding the signification and reception of medieval images, both in their own time and in the modern world.

Perspectives on Medieval Art

Perspectives on Medieval Art: Learning through Looking examines medieval art from a number of different viewpoints to reveal how the art of the Middle Ages provides a unique insight into the wider issues of medieval politics and culture, as well as society's longing for ecclesiastical drama, the desires of patrons, the wider social framework and distinct regional aesthetics.

Gothic Europe 1200-1450

This uniquely ambitious history offers an account of all aspects of cultural activity and production throughout the world of Latin Christendom 1200-1450. Beginning with a detailed description of the political and economic circumstances that allowed the 'Gothic Moment' to flourish, the body of the book is both a celebration of the Gothic cultural achievement..

The Routledge Companion to Medieval Iconography

This companion provides a state-of-the-art assessment of the influence of the foremost iconographers, as well as the methodologies employed and themes that underpin the discipline. The authors are recognized experts in the field, and each essay includes original analyses and/or case studies which will hopefully open the field for future research.

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