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CMST 2120: Business Communication — Wood


Industry Profiles and Background

Niche Industries

Associations, Organizations, Non-profits, NGOs

Key Questions

Key questions to ask about your company or industry of choice include:

  • Who *cares* about this product or service?  Is it a trade association? Government? Key competitors?
  • What is the nature of their idea or product?  Does it compete with an existing product/service or replace one that already exists? What's already known about it?
  • When will this be needed or used?  Is that important in promoting it?
  • Where will the person/company be – geography, phase of life, what other demographics matter?  What channel will reach them?
  • Why does the idea or product have value? Why would someone buy or use it?

►  For much more detail and other information-packed databases, see the excellent Walker Management Library Guide Management Communication.