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Five Things the Library Can Do for You

How to Start

Go to the library homepage and bookmark it.

Go to the all-search box. Enter your search keywords.


You can select Articles at the top of the search box if you want to limit your search to only articles. You can also select Databases A-Z and do searches for articles in any of our specialized databases.

Not all databases are easy to use, and it can be confusing when they give different information or data. Look at the database page layout. If it is simple, keep your search simple. If it has complex search features, take advantage of them to get the best results. For more help, stop by, contact me, or schedule an appointment with one of our librarians.

Remember — all library databases can be found by using this link:

To find databases related to a specific research area, use the pulldown menu "All Subjects" (left-hand side of page).

You can also enter your own search terms in the search box on the right-hand side of the page.


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