Introduction to Foreign Legal Research

Vanderbilt subscription databases and free sources of foreign law online

Foreign Law Databases: Contemporary Primary Law

The databases listed below are good places to find contemporary primary foreign laws. Be sure to examine the databases to see if they contain material from the particular country of interest to you. You should also check to see that the database contains materials in the date range that is of interest to you. In some cases, the databases may only be accessible in the law school so you may want to plan your research accordingly. 

Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales



There are many primary law databases within HeinOnline. Below are a few examples. You will need to log into HeinOnline first using links from Vanderbilt Library Web pages. From off campus, the links below will not work, instead you will need to browse, or search the catalog for those materials.



Foreign Law Compilations

Sometimes foreign laws on one topic are compiled into one book or series of books or a database. Some examples are shown below. You can search for these types of resources in any of the catalogs above, and on the free Web.