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RLST 1111 - Buddhist Literature from Buddha to the Beats - Lowe: Primary Sources


There are bibliographies at the backs of books and articles -- and then there are full-length bibliographies. Oxford Bibliographies:  Buddhism is a really good full-length bibliography.


Another useful bibliography is the H-Buddhism Bibliography Project.  You can search it or navigate it by tags from the Items pageHere's what's in the bibliography for hagiography.

Need help reading bibliographic citations?  Browse to the Understanding Citations and Finding Items research guide.

What's This Number?

Need help making sense of the Call # you found in ACORN?  or where to find the book in the library? 

Another Way to Find Primary Sources

Besides using Oxford Bibliographies, you can also do searches in the library catalog, Acorn.

  • If you know a title or author (e.g., Journey to the West, Jack Kerouac), you can search for one of those.
  • For pre-1800 primary sources on Buddhism, try the following: