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Teaching the TV News Archive: Home

Tips & ideas for incorporating VTNA into your classroom.

Vanderbilt TV News Archive

Vanderbilt is home to the Vanderbilt Television News Archive, the world's most extensive and complete archive of tv news, including tv news broadcasts of the national networks since August 5, 1968. It includes items from ABC, CBS, NBC,  CNN and Fox News, as well as news content from specials. You can search the TV News Archives via their website or the Library Catalog.

The Internet Archive's TV News Archive has captured video of television broadcasts, from June 2009 to current. It covers news and current event programs from over 20 US networks, including Spanish language networks.  Local news coverage from a number major market network affiliates is also available in this archive.

Users can search by date, network and show using keywords. Videos appear in one minute segments. Commercials are included and political ads is a search limiter.

Using the Archive

Copyright Note:

Note that items that are part of the TV News Archive are copyright protected. If you have questions about usage contact DiSC.

Teaching the Archive

TV News Archive

Ideas for assignments:

  • News Values: Look at a historical nightly news broadcast. Have students research what news stories were left out.
  • Watch a newscast and evaluate the sources of reporters.
  • Examine how the rise of data journalism influences election coverage.
  • Fact-check a historical debate.
  • Do a text analysis of election coverage looking at various broadcasts.
  • Watch cable news coverage of election results. Highlight the rhetorical differences.
  • Analysis of psychology tv commercials. 
  • Use clips for multimedia art projects.
  • Use soundbites for podcasting.
  • Sampling for music creation, poetry, plays & more!

These are just a few of the many possibilities!