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SEAALL 2018: Program Materials

Welcome to the conference website for SEAALL 2018!

Program Evaluations

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Institute Evaluation | Program Evaluations

Handouts and Other Materials Related to This Year's Programs

The Changing Landscape of Digitization and Preservation

Sharon Bradley, University of Georgia

Wild Apricot Training

Sharon Bradley, University of Georgia

Building a Digital Index for South Carolina Court Forms

Eve Ross, University of South Carolina; Aaron Glenn, University of South Carolina

Start with a Framework: Teaching Students How to Evaluate New Technology

Katherine Van Hest, Casetext; Roger Skalbeck, University of Richmond

Bottom Up Goal-Setting: Creating Actionable, Assessable, and Achievable Goals for Your Library

Rachel Purcell, University of Florida; Sarah Lewis, University of Florida; Gail Mathapo, University of Florida

Research Conferences: Creating Responsive and Motivational Experiences

Franklin Runge, University of Kentucky; Alyson Drake, Texas Tech University

The 21st Century Collection: You Can’t Have It Without Weeding

Carol Bredemeyer, Northern Kentucky University; James Donovan, University of Kentucky

Getting Students into the Right "State" of Mind - Teaching State Specific Legal Research for Information Literacy

Kathleen Klepfer, Florida State University

Sources in Veterans Law

Allison Fentress, U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Now It’s Time for an ILS Change, Nothing Stays the Same

Carol Collins, University of Tennessee

Diverse Interactions: Race and Implicit Bias in the Legal Research Classroom

Shamika Dalton, University of Florida; Phebe Huderson-Poydras, Southern University; Tiffany Camp, Moderator, University of North Carolina

Building Your Following: The Positive Impact of Library Participation in an Academic Success Program

Michelle T. Murray, Nova Southeastern University; Sara Berman, AccessLex Institute's Center for Legal Education Excellence; Vincenc Feliu, Nova Southeastern University; Becka Rich, Nova Southeastern University

Oral Histories: Unlocking Our Community's Voice

Franklin L. Runge, University of Kentucky

Fake News, Post-Truth & Information Literacy

Carol Watson, University of Georgia; Caroline Osborne, Washington & Lee University; Kristina L. Niedringhaus, Georgia State University

Designing Effective Legal Research Rubrics: The Foundation for Successful Assessment

Carol Watson, University of Georgia; Katie Hanschke, North Carolina Central University; Zanada Joyner, North Carolina Central University

The Experience of Hurricane Maria in the University of Puerto Rico Law School Library: Dealing with Disaster

Samuel Serrano-Medina, University of Puerto Rico; Lizette Lopez-Gracia, University of Puerto Rico

Building a Class that Flies: Creating an Experiential Research Class Out of Donated Parts, Thin Air, and Teamwork

Jane Bahnson, Duke University; Wick Shreve, Duke University

How to Be Agents of Hope and Change: Empowering Discovery, Taking Control

Elizabeth Outler, Barry University; Whitney Curtis, Barry University; Louis Rosen, Barry University

Library Facilities Management: The Physical, The Theoretical, and The Practical...or Who Moved These Chairs?

Candle Wester, University of South Carolina; Sandra B. Placzek, University of Nebraska

Building a Bridge between Generations and Getting Over the Divide in the Workplace

Rachel Purcell, University of Florida; Ajaye Bloomstone, Louisiana State University; Taryn Marks, University of Florida; Ashley Chase, Stetson University

"My Tuition, My Library": Helping Law Students to Share Public Spaces

Tarica LaBossiere, Nova Southeastern University

Using Upper Level Legal Research Labs to Develop Marketable Students

Katie Hanschke, North Carolina Central University; Lance Burke, North Carolina Central University

Mental Health - Stigma, Stereotype, and Safe Spaces in the Workplace

Victoria Capatosto, Howard University