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Healthcare Entrepreneurship: Company & Industry

Databases and websites on the business and management of health care. Consumer data, market research reports, government data. Websites with health care business research. How to search for gray literature.

About Company Research

Larger companies are usually easier to research than smaller privately held companies. For many small and private companies you may be limited to information the company releases and/or any media coverage. With some private companies, the only information you can find is about the owners. In those cases, here are two strategies:

  • Identify the owners by name and then research them in news sources and on the Internet.
  • Understand the industry and then evaluate their products/services against the industry.

To find registered business owners, go to the Secretary of State website corporate listings for the relevant state. On the Walker Library page, there are also Research Guides for Public and Private Companies.

General Business Sources (includes company and industry news & information)

Additional Business Sources (for smaller companies and more in-depth business research)

Search For More Databases

The Walker Management Library has access to dozens of Owen Graduate School of Management and Vanderbilt University licensed databases. These resources provide access to business news and journals, as well as highly specialized content on an extensive range of business topics and research disciplines. Access and use restrictions apply to some resources, and use of these resources imply acceptance of our Copyright and Licensing Restrictions. Databases can be found in the following way:

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