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FNEC 3710: Corporate Valuation: Company

Understanding a Company

To better understand a company, its performance in the market and the factors that affect it, you need to understand the whole picture of that universe.  This includes :

  • Company’s financials
  • Products and services
  • SWOT reports (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Industry pressures and challenges
  • Competitors
  • Analyst reports

While you should certainly look at the company’s website, note that will only help you gain insight into that company's opinion about itself.  For other opinions about a company’s issues and performance, there are several types of library databases that will help.  They are generally divided up by the type of information they contain although there are some exceptions such as Hoover's, which gathers several different types of information by company name.

Using the company stock symbol helps you find consistent company analysis from resource to resource by making sure you are comparing the same company, and not any subsidiaries.

Company Databases: On-Campus Access Only

Company Databases: Remote Access

ThomsonOne Tips

The database ThomsonOne can be challenging to use as some steps are not intuitive. Use the screenshots and steps below to assist you in retrieving information from ThomsonOne.

  1. ThomsonOne will only work with Internet Explorer.
  2. Once in the database, enter the company name or ticker symbol in the upper left search box to pull up the company overview and data.
  3. To access analyst reports (both on individual companies, or on industries) hover over the "screenings & analysis" tab, then scroll down to research, then click on research search. This will bring you to the Advanced Research search page.
  4. In all cases, adjust your dates to your desired timeframe (ThomsonOne defaults to last 90 days.)
  5. For analyst reports on a company, type in your company name or ticker in the top box; a list of options will appear below. Click on your desired company name to add it to your search.
  6. For analyst reports on an industry, scroll down to "more options" and enter your NAICS code in the box under Industry. As you start to type your code, a list of industries will appear below. Click on your desired industry to add it to your search.
  7. Consider limiting your search by geography or report type (i.e. company, industry, etc.)
  8. Once you have a list of search results, click on the box to the left of the report(s) you would like to access, then click the blue "view" button to the top of the column.
  9. A window will pop up with details of all the report pages. Click on the box next to "select all reports" at the top, then on the blue "view" button at the bottom.
  10. Another window will pop up containing the analyst report.

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