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Data Management and Publication: Sharing Research Data

A guide to managing and publishing research data sets

Making Data Sharing Easier

Requirements for sharing research data are relatively new and many researchers are unsure how to get started.  Vanderbilt Library's Digital Scholarship and Scholarly Communications team is happy to meet with you to discuss your data management and sharing needs.  

Think About Data Sharing Early On

Thinking about data management for a research project should begin before data are collected.  This is the time to consider whether a dataset produced by a project will be eligible for publication, and what steps will need to be taken to make it publishable.  As the Digital Curation Center argues, 

"Decisions about data sharing and preservation need to be considered from the outset. If researchers plan to deposit in a data centre, they should check whether there are preferred formats for deposit. Similarly, consent agreements should cover options to share the data at the end of the project if this is planned.

Digital Curation Center. (2013).  Research Data Management for Librarians Handbook.