ENVE CE-4959 Senior Engineering Design Seminar - Troxel

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Knovel  (Online Interactive Science and Engineering Books and Databases)
**Off campus access to Knovel’s content requires you to register for Knovel temporarily. Use this link: http://app.knovel.com/web/register.html?orgregkey=22cc49dd-0b5f-4acb-9dce-aa33a4219721 and complete a short registration form. Register with your Vanderbilt email address. Once you activate your account, you will have off-campus access to Knovel.

Civil Engineer's Reference Book (4th Edition) - Knovel
​This fourth edition has been completely rewritten and updated. Now with 20 interactive graphs and 2 interactive tables It provides a concise and comprehensive survey of the fundamentals, theory and current practice in the many branches of civil engineering, giving state-of-the-art information and practical guidance for both student and practicing civil engineers.


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