New Books at Peabody Library: April 2022

New Books in the Main Collection

A college for all Californians : a history of the California community colleges
Call number: LB2328.15 .U62 C234127 2021

A mathematician's lament
Lockhart, Paul.
Call number: QA13 .L63 2009

About us : essays from the disability series of the New York times
Call number: HV1552.3 .A36 2021

Above the well : an antiracist literacy argument from a boy of color
Inoue, Asao B.
Call number: LB1576 .I634 2021

All in : how obsessive leaders achieve the extraordinary
Shaw, Robert B., 1956-
Call number: HD57.7 .S4825 2020

An unseen unheard minority : Asian American students at the University of Illinois
Lee, Sharon Shockley
Call number: LC2633.6 .L44 2022

Anti-oppressive education in "elite" schools : promising practices and cautionary tales from the field
Call number: LC4941 .A58 2021

Apoyo sacrificial, sacrificial support : how undocumented Latinx parents get their children to college
Cuevas, Stephany
Call number: LC3746 .C84 2021

Between the state and the schoolhouse : understanding the failure of common core
Loveless, Tom
Call number: LB3060.83 .L68 2021

Between truth and freedom : Rousseau and our contemporary political and educational culture
Wain, Kenneth
Call number: LB518 .W35 2018

Black girls' literacies : transforming lives and literacy practices
Call number: LC2778.R4 B53 2021

Black Marquette in their own words : overcoming obstacles and achieving success
Call number: LD3231 .M5419 B53 2021

Book talk : growing into early literacy through read-aloud conversations
Sanden, Sherry
Call number: LB1139.5 .L35 S255 2021

Breaking barriers : how P-TECH schools create a pathway from high school to college to career
Litow, Stanley S.
Call number: LB2331.53 .L58 2021

Bringing the neuroscience of learning to online teaching : an educator's handbook
Tokuhama-Espinosa, Tracey, 1963-
Call number: LB1044.87 .T65 2021

Building a strong foundation : fundraising for nonprofits
Edwards, Richard L. (Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Call number: HG4027.65 .E34 2020

Campus carry : confronting a loaded issue in higher education
Call number: LB2345 .C36 2020

Campus with purpose : building a mission-driven campus
Lehmkuhle, Stephen W., 1951-
Call number: LD3369.5 .R6 L45 2021

Career counseling : foundations, perspectives, and applications
Call number: HF5381 .C265233 2019

Challenges to academic freedom
Call number: LC72.2 .C527 2021

Civic education in the age of mass migration : implications for theory and practice
Banks, Angela M.
Call number: LC1091 .B23 2021

Civic engagement in global contexts : international education, community partnerships, and higher education
Call number: LC220.5 .C576 2021

Civic literacy in schools and communities : teaching and organizing for a revitalized democracy
Charest, Brian, 1973-
Call number: LC221 .C533 2021

Climbing a broken ladder : contributors of college success for youth in foster care
Okpych, Nathanael J.
Call number: LC4091 .O394 2021

Closing the reading gap
Quigley, Alex
Call number: LB1050.45 .Q85 2020

Coloniality and racial (in)justice in the university : counting for nothing?
Call number: LC212.43 .N7 C65 2022

Ahmed, Sara, 1969-
Call number: LC212.86 .A364 2021

Compose our world : project-based learning in secondary English language arts
Boardman, Alison
Call number: LB1027.43 .B63 2021

Compugirls : how girls of color find and define themselves in the digital age
Scott, Kimberly A.
Call number: LB1028.3 .S3788 2021

Conducting action research for business and management students
Coghlan, David
Call number: HD30.4 .C64 2018

Connecting in the online classroom : building rapport between teachers & students
Glazier, Rebecca A., 1982-
Call number: LB1044.87 .G57 2021

Contextual transactional analysis : the inseparability of self and world
Sedgwick, James M.
Call number: RC489.T7 S43 2021

CoreEmpathy : literacy instruction with a greater purpose
Kesler, Christie McLean, 1965-
Call number: LB1576 .K455 2021

Creating a home in schools : sustaining identities for Black, Indigenous, and teachers of color
Rios, Francisco, 1956-
Call number: LC1099.3 .R56 2021

Creating positive elementary classrooms : preventing behavior challenges to promote learning
Smith, Stephen W., 1952-
Call number: LB3013 .S5968 2022

Critical leadership Praxis for educational and social change
Call number: LB2806 .C695 2021

Critical race theory in education : a scholar's journey
Ladson-Billings, Gloria, 1947-
Call number: LC212.2 .L33 2021

Crossing segregated boundaries : remembering Chicago school desegregation
Danns, Dionne
Call number: LC214.23 .C54 D359 2021

Cultivating student success : a multifaceted approach to working with emerging adults in higher education
Call number: LB2343 .C85 2022

Culturally relevant pedagogy : asking a different question
Call number: LC1099.3 .L33 2021

Dangerous ideas on campus : sex, conspiracy, and academic freedom in the age of JFK
Ehrlich, Matthew C., 1962-
Call number: LC72.2 .E37 2021

David Hansen and the Call to teach : renewing the work that teachers do
Call number: LB1775 .D255 2021

Degrees of dignity : Arab higher education in the global era
Buckner, Elizabeth
Call number: LC179.5 .B83 2022

Descriptive inquiry in teacher practice : cultivating practical wisdom to create democratic schools
Furman, Cara E.
Call number: LA217.2 .F868 2021

Developing inviting schools : a beneficial framework for teaching and leading
Purkey, William Watson
Call number: LC210.5 .P87 2020

Dirty knowledge : academic freedom in the age of neoliberalism
Schleck, Julia, 1976-
Call number: LC72 .S35 2022

Disputing discipline : child protection, punishment, and piety in Zanzibar schools
Fay, Franziska
Call number: LB3012.4 .T34 F39 2021

Documenting the American student abroad : the media cultures of international education
Hankin, Kelly
Call number: LB2375 .H365 2021

Drawing conclusions : using visual thinking to understand complex concepts in the classroom
Dunn, Patricia A., 1952-
Call number: LB1067.5 .D86 2021

Dyslexia in higher education : anxiety and coping skills
Abbott-Jones, Amanda T., 1969-
Call number: LC4818.38 .A34 2022

Educating the enemy : teaching Nazis and Mexicans in the Cold War borderlands
Perrillo, Jonna
Call number: LC3746.5 .T4 P47 2022

Emotionally responsive practice : a path for schools that heal, infancy-grade 6
Koplow, Lesley
Call number: LB1072 .K72 2021

Ethical leadership and decision making in education : applying theoretical perspectives to complex dilemmas
Shapiro, Joan Poliner
Call number: LB1779 .S416 2022

Exceptional children : an introduction to special education
Heward, William L., 1949-
Call number: LC3981 .H49 2022

Finding meaning : an existential quest in post-modern Israel
Call number: BF463 .M4 F56 2022

From improvement to city planning : spatial management in Cincinnati from the early republic through the Civil War decade
Binford, Henry C.
Call number: HT168 .C52 B56 2021

From the bayou to the bay : the autobiography of a Black Liberation scholar
Smith, Robert C. 1947- (Robert Charles),
Call number: LA2317 .S6235 A3 2021

Fundamentals of gifted education : considering multiple perspectives
Call number: LC3993 .F82 2018

Generation mixed goes to school : radically listening to multiracial kids
Joseph, Ralina L. 1974- (Ralina Landwehr),
Call number: LC3621 .J67 2021

Gentrification down the shore
Makris, Molly Vollman
Call number: HT177 .A76 M35 2021

Getting the most bang for the education buck
Call number: LB2825 .G45 2020

Hail we Akron : the third 50 years of the University of Akron, 1970-2020
Call number: LD51 .A62 H35 2020

Handbook of education in China
Call number: LA1131 .H348 2017

Higher education access and choice for Latino students : critical findings and theoretical perspectives
Call number: LC2670.6 .H54 2015

Hijacking history : how the Christian right teaches history and why it matters
Wellman, Kathleen Anne, 1951-
Call number: LA95 .W45 2021

Hope and joy in education : engaging Daisaku Ikeda across curriculum and context
Call number: LB14.7 .H674 2021

In search of wonderful ideas : critical exploration in teacher education
Call number: LB1707 .I528 2021

Inspiring professional growth : empowering strategies to lead, motivate, and engage early childhood teachers
MacDonald, Susan, 1961 June 14-
Call number: LB1775.6 .M33 2019

Integrating primary and secondary sources into teaching : the SOURCES framework for authentic investigation
Waring, Scott Monroe
Call number: LB1584 .W29 2021

Intersectionality in education : toward more equitable policy, research, and practice
Call number: LC213.2 .I58 2021

Invisible no more : the African American experience at the University of South Carolina
Call number: LD5033 .I68 2021

Leadership matters : confronting the hard choices facing higher education
King, W. Joseph
Call number: LA227.4 .K49 2022

Leading literate lives : habits and mindsets for reimagining classroom practice
Affinito, Stephanie
Call number: LB1050.2 .A445 2021

Learning morality, inequalities, and faith : Christian and Muslim schools in Tanzania
Dilger, Hansjörg
Call number: LC118 .D65 2022

Legal rights of school leaders, teachers, and students
McCarthy, Martha M.
Call number: KF4119 .M38 2019

Literacy as conversation : learning networks in urban and rural communities
Goldblatt, Eli
Call number: LC151 .G652 2020

Literacy classrooms that S.O.A.R. : strategic observation and reflection in the elementary grades
O'Hara, Susan (Susan Pauline)
Call number: LB1576 .O38 2021

Low-density university : 15 scenarios for higher education
Maloney, Edward J.
Call number: LB2806 .M3356 2021

Making a scene : urban landscapes, gentrification, and social movements in Sweden
Creasap, Kimberly A., 1978-
Call number: HT178 .S8 C74 2022

Mapping racial literacies : college students write about race and segregation
Bell, Sophie R.
Call number: PE1405 .U6 B45 2021

Mastering the job market : career issues for master's level industrial-organizational psychologists
Call number: HF5548.8 .M3744 2021

Mindfulness as sustainability : lessons from the world's religions
Jaoudi, Maria
Call number: BF637 .M56 J36 2021

Multiple pathways of cognitive aging : motivational and contextual influences
Call number: BF724.55 .C63 M85 2022

My work among the freedmen : the Civil War and Reconstruction letters of Harriet M. Buss
Buss, Harriet M., 1825 or 1826-1895
Call number: LA2317 .B77 A3 2021

On learning : a general theory of objects and object-relations
Scott, David, 1951-
Call number: LB1060 .S3846 2021

Parks for profit : selling nature in the city
Loughran, Kevin
Call number: HT175 .L68 2022

Persistence through peril : episodes of college life and academic endurance in the Civil War South
Call number: LA227.1 .P48 2021

Playing with language : improving elementary reading through metalinguistic awareness
Zipke, Marcy
Call number: LB1573.33 .Z57 2021

Preparing science teachers through practice-based teacher education
Call number: LB1585.3 .P736 2020

Preventing crises at your university : the playbook for protecting your institution's reputation
Barker, Simon R., 1969-
Call number: LB2331.63 .B37 2021

Professional development : what works
Zepeda, Sally J., 1956-
Call number: LB1715 .Z46 2019

Public education : defending a cornerstone of American democracy
Call number: LA217.2 .P836 2022

Queerly centered : LGBTQA writing center directors navigate the workplace
Webster, Travis
Call number: PE1404 .W43 2021

Radical care : leading for justice in urban schools
Rivera-McCutchen, Rosa L.
Call number: LC5131 .R58 2021

Reframing the curriculum : design for social justice and sustainability
Santone, Susan
Call number: LB1570 .S2844 2019

Rehabilitation and remediation of internationally adopted children
Gindis, Boris
Call number: RJ507 .A36 G56 2021

Reimagining sustainable cities : strategies for designing greener, healthier, more equitable communities
Wheeler, Stephen M., 1957-
Call number: HT166 .W493 2021

Reimagining the call to teach : a witness to teachers and teaching
Hansen, David T., 1952-
Call number: LB1775.2 .H354 2021

Renovating value : HGTV and the spectacle of gentrification
Goldman, Robert, 1949-
Call number: HT170 .G65 2021

Resisting the kinder-race : restoring joy to early learning
Brown, Christopher Pierce
Call number: LB1139.25 .B77 2021

Restorative justice in education : transforming teaching and learning through the disciplines
Call number: LB1025.3 .R47 2021

Restorative literacies : creating a community of care in schools
Wolter, Deborah L.
Call number: LB1050.5 .W656 2021

Rethinking campus life : new perspectives on the history of college students in the United States
Call number: LA229 .R48 2018

School, not jail : how educators can disrupt school pushout and mass incarceration
Call number: LC4802 .S35 2021

School-based deliberative partnership as a platform for teacher professionalization and curriculum innovation
Simmie, Geraldine Mooney
Call number: LB1028.24 .S56 2021

Schooling teachers : Teach for America and the future of teacher education
Blumenreich, Megan
Call number: LB1715 .B559 2021

School's choice : how charter schools control access and shape enrollment
Mommandi, Wagma
Call number: LB2806.36 .M66 2021

Schools reimagined : unifying the science of learning with the art of teaching
Brooks, Jacqueline Grennon
Call number: LB1590.3 .B754 2021

Simulations and student learning
Call number: LB1029 .S53 S58 2021

Sisterlocking discoarse : race, gender, and the twenty-first-century academy
Lee, Valerie, 1950-
Call number: LC2781.5 .L44 2021

Skim, dive, surface : teaching digital reading
Cohn, Jenae
Call number: LC149.5 .C625 2021

Special admission : how college sports recruitment favors White suburban athletes
Hextrum, Kirsten
Call number: GV350.5 .H48 2021

Stakes is high : trials, lessons, and triumphs in young Black men's educational journeys
Brooms, Derrick R.
Call number: LC2781 .B759 2021

Stories of becoming : demystifying the professoriate for graduate students in composition and rhetoric
Lutkewitte, Claire
Call number: PE1405 .U6 L88 2022

Story in children's lives : contributions of the narrative mode to early childhood development, literacy, and learning
Call number: LB1042 .S75 2020

Strike for the common good : fighting for the future of public education
Call number: LB2844.47 .U6 S87 2020

Student agency in the classroom : honoring student voice in the curriculum
Vaughn, Margaret
Call number: LB3092 .V38 2021

Success is possible : creating a mentoring program to support K-12 teachers
Sorbet, Stefanie R., 1975-
Call number: LB1731.4 .S57 2019

Teacher educators as critical storytellers : effective teachers as windows and mirrors
Call number: LB1715 .T42523 2021

Teachers as self-directed learners : active positioning through professional learning
Smith, Kathleen
Call number: LB1707 .S65 2017

Teachers at the table : voice, agency, and advocacy in educational policymaking
Good, Annalee G.
Call number: LB2806.45 .G66 2019

Teaching Black : the craft of teaching on Black life and literature
Call number: LC2731 .T45 2021

Teaching black boys in the elementary grades : advancing disciplinary reading and writing to secure their futures
Tatum, Alfred W.
Call number: LC2778 .L34 T38 2021

Teaching on days after : educating for equity in the wake of injustice
Dunn, Alyssa Hadley
Call number: LC192.2 .D86 2022

Teaching STEM in the preschool classroom : exploring big ideas with 3- to 5-year-olds
Lange, Alissa A.
Call number: LB1140.5.S35 L36 2019

Teaching writing through the immigrant story
Call number: PE1405 .U6 T44 2021

Thanks for everything (now get out) : can we restore neighborhoods without destroying them?
Margulies, Joseph
Call number: HT177 .P76 M37 2021

The art of X-ray reading : how the secrets of 25 great works of literature will improve your writing
Clark, Roy Peter
Call number: PE1408 .C4174 2017

The attack on higher education : the dissolution of the American university
Musto, Ronald G.
Call number: LA227.4 .M86 2021

The comprehensive guide to working with student teachers : tools and templates to support reflective professional growth
Soslau, Elizabeth
Call number: LB2157 .U5 S657 2021

The costs of completion : student success in community college
Isserles, Robin G., 1968-
Call number: LB2328.15 .U6 I66 2021

The empowered professor : breaking the unspoken codes of inequity in academia
Mitra, Dana L.
Call number: LB2331 .M498 2022

The enduring legacy : structured inequality in America's public schools
Ryan, Mark, 1947-
Call number: LC212.52 .R93 2020

The ethical use of data in education : promoting responsible policies and practices
Call number: LB2806.17 .E845 2021

The fractured college prep pipeline : hoarding opportunities to learn
Price, Heather E. (Heather Elaine)
Call number: LB2351.2 .P75 2021

The Gee years, 2007-2013
Asher, Herbert B.
Call number: LD4230 .A84 2021

The healing power of education : Afrocentric pedagogy as a tool for restoration and liberation
Watson-Vandiver, Marcia J.
Call number: LC2717 .W38 2021

The intellectual education of the Italian Renaissance artist
Dressen, Angela
Call number: LA106 .D74 2021

The K-3 guide to academic conversations : practices, scaffolds, and activities
Zwiers, Jeff
Call number: LB1033.5 .Z95 2018

The main enterprise of the world : rethinking education
Kitcher, Philip, 1947-
Call number: LB14.7 .K57 2022

The misunderstood history of gentrification : people, planning, preservation, and urban renewal, 1915-2020
Gale, Dennis E.
Call number: HT175 .G353 2021

The PhD parenthood trap : caught between work and family in academia
Crawford, Kerry F.
Call number: LB2332.3 .C73 2021

The political economy of education in South Asia : fighting poverty, inequality, and exclusion
Richards, John, 1944 August 19-
Call number: LA1052 .R53 2022

The power of community-engaged teacher preparation : voices and visions of hope and healing
Call number: LB1732 .P69 2021

The principal as curriculum leader : shaping what is taught and tested
Glatthorn, Allan A., 1924-2007.
Call number: LB2806.15 .G588 2017

The purposes of education : a conversation between John Hattie and Steen Nepper Larsen
Hattie, John
Call number: LB14.7 .H375 2020

The roots of educational inequality : Philadelphia's Germantown High School, 1907-2014
Kitzmiller, Erika M.
Call number: LD7501 .G475 K58 2022

The simple care of a hopeful heart : mentoring yourself in difficult times
Wicks, Robert J.
Call number: BF637 .M45 W53 2022

The synergistic classroom : interdisciplinary teaching in the small college setting
Call number: LB2361.5 .S96 2021

The teacher insurgency : a strategic and organizing perspective
Casey, Leo Edward, 1953-
Call number: LB2844.53 .U6 C37 2020

The Third Reich's elite schools : a history of the Napolas
Roche, Helen (Historian)
Call number: LA721.81 .R63 2021

The training of African teachers in Natal from 1846-1964
Schicketanz, Nicolas
Call number: LA1536 .S335 2021

Transforming multicultural education policy and practice : expanding educational opportunity
Call number: LC1099.3 .T723 2021

Translingual inheritance : language diversity in early national Philadelphia
Kimball, Elizabeth (Professor of English)
Call number: P115.5 .P35 K56 2021

Ultimate aptitude tests : over 1000 practice questions for abstract visual, numerical, verbal, physical, spatial and systems tests
Barrett, James
Call number: HF5381.7 .B373 2018

Unwelcome guests : a history of access to American higher education
Wechsler, Harold S., 1946-
Call number: LB2351.2 .W43 2021

Using data to improve teacher education : moving evidence into action
Call number: LB1707 .U85 2021

We matter! : intersectional anti-racist feminist interventions with Black girls and women
Call number: E185.61 .W326 2022

What young people want from mental health services : a youth informed approach for the digital age
Gibson, Kerry
Call number: RA790.5 .G52 2022

Whiteness interrupted : White teachers and racial identity in predominantly Black schools
Bell, Marcus, 1983-
Call number: LB1775.2 .B43 2021

Why they hate us : how racist rhetoric impacts education
Call number: LC212.2 .W49 2021

Willful defiance : the movement to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline
Warren, Mark R., 1955-
Call number: LC212.2 .W34 2022

Writing the school house blues : literacy, equity, and belonging in a child's early schooling
Dyson, Anne Haas
Call number: LC2731 .D96 2021

New Books and Other Items in the Curriculum Materials Center

New Books in the Youth Collection

¡Vamos! Let's cross the bridge
Raúl the Third, 1976- author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.1.R383 Vam 2021

A face for Picasso : coming of age with Crouzon syndrome
Henley, Ariel, 1991-
Call number: RD763 .H38 2021

A kind of spark
McNicoll, Elle
Call number: PZ7.1.M46475 Ki 2021

A snake falls to Earth
Little Badger, Darcie, 1987-
Call number: PZ7.1.L57838 Sn 2021

A walk in the words
Talbott, Hudson, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.T153 Wal 2021

Art is everywhere : a book about Andy Warhol
Mack, Jeff, author, illustrator.
Call number: N6537.W28 M33 2021

Barefoot Books world atlas
Crane, Nicholas, cartographer
Call number: G1021 .C815 2011

Barefoot dreams of Petra Luna
Dobbs, Alda P.
Call number: PZ7.1.D616 Bar 2021

Being Clem
Cline-Ransome, Lesa
Call number: PZ7.C622812 Be 2021

Bright star
Morales, Yuyi, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.M7881927 Br 2021

Chez Bob
Shea, Bob, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.S53743 Chm 2021

Child of the flower-song people : Luz Jiménez, daughter of the Nahua
Amescua, Gloria
Call number: PZ7.1.A4985 Ch 2021

Concrete rose
Thomas, Angie
Call number: PZ7.1.T448 Co 2021

De aquí como el coquí
Perez, Nomar, 1975- author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ73 .P4667 2021

Dear Mr. Dickens
Churnin, Nancy
Call number: PR4592.J48 C48 2021

Fallout : spies, superbombs, and the ultimate Cold War showdown
Sheinkin, Steve
Call number: E841 .S54 2021

Call number: BF561 .A47 1984

Fifteen hundred miles from the sun : a novel
Garza Villa, Jonny
Call number: PZ7.1.V539 Fi 2021

Friends are friends, forever
Liu, Dane
Call number: PZ7.1.L584 Fr 2021

Grandad's camper
Woodgate, Harry, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.1.W658 Gr 2021

Himawari House
Becker, Harmony, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.7.B43 Hi 2021

Home is not a country
Elhillo, Safia
Call number: PZ7.5.E42 Ho 2021

How Moon Fuentez fell in love with the universe
Vasquez Gilliland, Raquel
Call number: PZ7.1.V4 How 2021

How to find what you're not looking for
Hiranandani, Veera
Call number: PZ7.H5977325 Ho 2021

I hop
Cepeda, Joe
Call number: PZ7.C3184 Iah 2021

In the shadow of the moon : America, Russia, and the hidden history of the space race
Cherrix, Amy E.
Call number: TL788.5 .C44 2021

Inside Cat
Wenzel, Brendan, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ8.3.W4653 In 2021

Living ghosts & mischievous monsters : chilling American Indian stories
Jones, Dan C., 1951- author, selector.
Call number: E98.F6 J5 2021

Maddi's fridge
Brandt, Lois
Call number: PZ7.B737335 Mad 2014

May your life be deliciosa
Genhart, Michael
Call number: PZ7.1.G47 May 2021

Milo imagines the world
de la Peña, Matt
Call number: PZ7.P3725 Mil 2021

Nicky & Vera : a quiet hero of the Holocaust and the children he rescued
Sís, Peter, 1949- author, illustrator.
Call number: D804.66.W56 S57 2021

Norman didn't do it! : (yes, he did.)
Higgins, Ryan T. author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.H534962 No 2021

Ahokoivu, Mari, 1984- author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.7.A565 Oks 2021

Ophie's ghosts
Ireland, Justina
Call number: PZ7.I6274 Op 2021

Over the shop
Lawson, JonArno
Call number: PZ7.1.L3844 Ove 2021

Race to the bottom of the Earth : surviving Antarctica
Barone, Rebecca E. F.
Call number: G874 .B376 2021

Ramayana : divine loophole
Patel, Sanjay
Call number: BL1139.25 .P38 2010

Rebel daughter
Kaufmann, Lori Banov
Call number: PZ7.1.K3785 Reb 2021

Room for everyone
Khan, Naaz
Call number: PZ8.3.K4934 Roo 2021

Ruby Bridges goes to school : my true story
Bridges, Ruby.
Call number: F379.N59 N433 2009

SAS survival handbook : the ultimate guide to surviving anywhere
Wiseman, John, 1940-
Call number: GV200.5 .W57 2014

Fipps, Lisa
Call number: PZ7.5.F57 St 2021

Stuntboy, in the meantime
Reynolds, Jason
Call number: PZ7.R33593 Stu 2021

Summertime sleepers : animals that estivate
Stewart, Melissa
Call number: QH523 .S74 2021

Tea with milk
Say, Allen.
Call number: PZ7.S2744 Te 1999

The Beatryce prophecy
DiCamillo, Kate
Call number: PZ7.D5455 Bap 2021

The city beautiful
Polydoros, Aden
Call number: PZ7.1.P64297 Ci 2021

The darkness outside us
Schrefer, Eliot, 1978-
Call number: PZ7.S37845 Dar 2021

The genius under the table : growing up behind the Iron Curtain
Yelchin, Eugene, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.Y3766 Gen 2021

The great stink : how Joseph Bazalgette solved London's poop pollution problem
Paeff, Colleen
Call number: TD564.L8 P344 2021

The last words we said
Scheier, Leah
Call number: PZ7.S34313 Las 2021

The lost language
Mills, Claudia
Call number: PZ7.M63963 Lp 2021

The ones we're meant to find
He, Joan
Call number: PZ7.1.H3975 One 2021

The people remember
Zoboi, Ibi Aanu
Call number: E185 .Z636 2021

The rock from the sky
Klassen, Jon, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ7.K6781446 Ro 2021

The summer of lost letters
Reynolds, Hannah, 1988-
Call number: PZ7.1.R4865 Su 2021

Time for bed, old house
Bates, Janet Costa
Call number: PZ7.B316 Ti 2021

Understanding Greek myths
Hyde, Natalie, 1963-
Call number: BL783 .H934 2012

We are still here! : Native American truths everyone should know
Sorell, Traci
Call number: E77.4 .S625 2021

What big teeth
Szabo, Rose
Call number: PZ7.1.S997 Wh 2021

Whistle : a new Gotham City hero
Lockhart, E., writer.
Call number: PZ7.7.L63 Wh 2021