New Books at Peabody Library: January 2022

New Books in the Main Collection

"They say I say" : the moves that matter in academic writing
Graff, Gerald
Call number: PE1431 .G73 2021

101 interventions in group therapy
Call number: RC488 .A32 2017

Affect and the rise of right-wing populism : pedagogies for the renewal of democratic education
Zembylas, Michalinos
Call number: LB1072 .Z458 2021

Am I my brother's keeper? : educational opportunities and outcomes for black and brown boys
Villavicencio, Adriana
Call number: LC2803 .N5 V55 2021

An introduction to systematic reviews
Call number: Q180.A1 G72 2017

Angel on a freight train : a story of faith and queer desire in nineteenth-century America
Baldwin, Peter C., 1962-
Call number: LA2317 .W37 B35 2020

Applied behavior analysis in early childhood education : an introduction to evidence-based interventions and teaching strategies
Casey, Laura Baylot, 1976-
Call number: LB1060.2 .C37 2016

Ars Vitae : the fate of inwardness and the return of the ancient arts of living
Lasch-Quinn, Elisabeth
Call number: BF637 .C5 L373 2020

Autism works : a guide to successful employment across the entire spectrum
Feinstein, Adam, 1957-
Call number: HD7255 .F45 2019

Bangkok utopia : modern architecture and Buddhist felicities, 1910-1973
Chua, Lawrence
Call number: HT169 .T52 B3634 2021

Bayesian structural equation modeling
DePaoli, Sarah
Call number: BF39.2.B39 D46 2021

Before Austen comes Aesop : the children's great books and how to experience them
Blomquist, Cheri
Call number: PN1009.A1 B535 2021

Behind the diversity numbers : achieving racial equity on campus
Byrd, W. Carson
Call number: LC1099.3 .B96 2021

Broke : the racial consequences of underfunding public universities
Hamilton, Laura T. (Laura Teresa)
Call number: LC212.422 .C2 H36 2021

Building resilience in children and teens : giving kids roots and wings
Ginsburg, Kenneth R.
Call number: BF723.R46 G56 2020

Call my name, Clemson : documenting the Black experience in an American university community
Thomas, Rhondda Robinson
Call number: LD1061 .C3 T56 2020

Calming the bipolar storm : a guide for patients and their families
Fawcett, Robert G., 1946-
Call number: RC516 .F42 2021

Can you beat Churchill? : teaching history through simulations
Barnhart, Michael A., 1951-
Call number: LB1029 .S53 B37 2021

Classwide positive behavior interventions and supports : a guide to proactive classroom management
Simonsen, Brandi
Call number: LB3013 .S576 2015

Collaborating for change : transforming cultures to end gender-based violence in higher education
Call number: LB2345.3 .R37 C65 2020

Composition and big data
Call number: PE1404 .C61768 2021

Convergence and diversity in the governance of higher education : comparative perspectives
Capano, Giliberto, 1960-
Call number: LC171 .C37 2020

Development : the history of a psychological concept
Goodey, C. F.
Call number: BF713 .G66 2021

Developmental neuropsychiatry
Taylor, Eric A.
Call number: RJ486.5 .T39 2021

Difference or disorder? : understanding speech and language patterns in culturally and linguistically diverse students.
Call number: P118.23 .D58 2014

Districts that succeed : breaking the correlation between race, poverty, and achievement
Chenoweth, Karin
Call number: LB2822.82 .C436 2021

Education for democracy : renewing the Wisconsin Idea
Call number: LA388.5 .E38 2020

Education without debt : giving back and paying it forward
MacDonald, Scott, 1947-
Call number: LB2340.2 .M33 2020

Elizabeth Farrell and the history of special education
Kode, Kimberly E.
Call number: LC3983.N49 K623 2017

Empowering the community college first-year composition teacher : pedagogies and policies
Call number: PE1404 .E466 2021

Ending sexual violence in college : a community-focused approach
Gavin, Joanne H.
Call number: LB2345.3 .R37 G38 2021

Essentials of conversation analysis
Hepburn, Alexa
Call number: P95.45 .H47 2021

Essentials of critical participatory action research
Fine, Michelle
Call number: H62 .F434 2021

Essentials of existential phenomenological research
Churchill, Scott D. (Scott Demane)
Call number: BF204.5 .C48 2022

Essentials of interpretative phenomenological analysis
Smith, Jonathan A.
Call number: BF204.5 .S57 2022

Essentials of narrative analysis
Josselson, Ruthellen
Call number: H61.295 .J67 2021

Everyday people, extraordinary leadership : how to make a difference regardless of your title, role, or authority
Kouzes, James M., 1945-
Call number: BF637.L4 K68 2021

Fostering the emotional well-being of our youth : a school-based approach
Call number: LB3430 .F68 2021

From selfies to selflessness : improving student self-esteem through mentoring
Knox, Cary, 1964-
Call number: LB1731.4 .K64 2021

Global citizenship education : challenges and successes
Call number: LC191 .G54156 2021

Golden-age illustrations of W. Heath Robinson
Robinson, W. Heath 1872-1944. (William Heath),
Call number: NC978.5.R63 A4 2013

Guilty admissions : the bribes, favors, and phonies behind the college cheating scandal
Laporte, Nicole
Call number: LB2351 .L36 2021

Half in shadow : the life and legacy of Nellie Y. McKay
Benjamin, Shanna Greene
Call number: LC2781.5 .B46 2021

Hidden truths : what leaders need to hear but are rarely told
Fubini, David, 1954-
Call number: HD57.7 .F8194 2021

Higher education for democracy : the role of the university in civil society
Tierney, William G.
Call number: LC171 .T54 2021

How colleges change : understanding, leading, and enacting change
Kezar, Adrianna J.
Call number: LB2341 .K4525 2018

How schools really matter : why our assumption about schools and inequality is mostly wrong
Downey, Douglas B.
Call number: LC213.2 .D69 2020

How to read slowly : reading for comprehension
Sire, James W.
Call number: Z1003 .S597 1989

I love you rituals
Bailey, Rebecca Anne, 1952-
Call number: HQ755.85 .B333 2000

Individuation for adult replacement children : ways of coming into being
Schellinski, Kristina
Call number: BF723.P25 S34 2020

L.S. Vygotsky's pedological works.
Vygotskiĭ, L. S. 1896-1934 (Lev Semenovich),
Call number: LB41 .V9413 2019

Language in development : a crosslinguistic perspective
Call number: P118 .L36367 2021

Learning in public : lessons for a racially divided America from my daughter's school
Martin, Courtney E.
Call number: LC213.2 .M377 2021

Legal issues in special education : principles, policies, and practices
Brady, Kevin P.
Call number: KF4209.3 .B73 2020

Life as a bilingual : knowing and using two or more languages
Grosjean, François
Call number: P115 .G758 2021

Life of the mind interrupted : essays on mental health and disability in higher education
Pryal, Katie Rose Guest
Call number: LB2333.2 .P79 2017

Making a grade : Victorian examinations and the rise of standardized testing
Elwick, James, 1973-
Call number: LB3056 .G7 E49 2021

Master mentors : 30 transformative insights from our greatest minds
Miller, Scott Jeffrey
Call number: HD57.7 .M5425 2021

Meritocracy and its discontents : anxiety and the national college entrance exam in China
Howlett, Zachary M., 1976-
Call number: LB2353.8 .C6 H68 2021

Minding bodies : how physical space, sensation, and movement affect learning
Hrach, Susan
Call number: LB1067 .H73 2021

Multimodal participation and engagement : social interaction in the classroom
Jacknick, Christine M.
Call number: LB1034 .J33 2021

Opening minds : using language to change lives
Johnston, Peter H.
Call number: LB1139.L3 J636 2012

Overcoming Internet addiction
Greenfield, David N.
Call number: RC569.5.I54 G735 2021

Peers as change agents : a guide to implementing peer-mediated interventions in schools
Call number: LB1060.2 .P44 2021

Plantation politics and campus rebellions : power, diversity, and the emancipatory struggle in higher education
Call number: LC212.42 .P53 2021

Practice in second language learning
Call number: P118.2 .P73 2020

Practicing forgiveness : a path toward healing
Balkin, Richard S.
Call number: BF637 .F67 B35 2021

Prepared : what kids need for a fulfilled life
Tavenner, Diane
Call number: LB1031 .T38 2019

Preserving neighborhoods : how urban policy and community strategy shape Baltimore and Brooklyn
Passell, Aaron
Call number: HT168 .B35 P38 2021

Privacy matters : conversations about surveillance within and beyond the classroom
Call number: PE1404 .P656 2020

Punching the clock : adapting to the new future of work
Ungemah, Joe, 1976-
Call number: HF5548.8 .U54 2021

Pursuing truth : how gender shaped Catholic education at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland
Oates, Mary J.
Call number: LD7251 .B3842 O37 2021

Putting skill to work : how to create good jobs in uncertain times
Lowe, Nichola
Call number: HF5549.5 .T7 L646 2021

Qualitative data collection tools : design, development, and applications
Billups, Felice D.
Call number: LB2326.3 .B55 2021

Racism in American public life : a call to action
Cole, Johnnetta B.
Call number: LC212.42 .C65 2021

Raising Ollie : how my nonbinary art-nerd kid changed (nearly) everything I know
Rademacher, Tom, 1981-
Call number: LA2317 .R25 A3 2021

Reading and writing instruction in the twenty-first century : recovering and transforming the pedagogy of Robert Scholes
Call number: PE1404 .R37345 2021

Renewing Catholic schools : how to regain a Catholic vision in a secular age
Call number: LC473 .R45 2020

Reset : an introduction to behavior centered design
Aunger, Robert
Call number: BF637 .B4 A88 2021

Runaway college costs : how college governing boards fail to protect their students
Koch, James V., 1942-
Call number: LB2342 .K59 2020

Special education law annual review 2020
Bateman, David, 1963-
Call number: KF4209.3 .B38 2022

Story frames for teaching literacy : enhancing student learning through the power of storytelling
Dean, Carolee
Call number: LB1042 .D43 2021

Strategic enrollment planning : a dynamic collaboration : how higher education leaders can align mission, vision, and values with shifting market needs and expectations
Call number: LB2341 .S835 2016

Sunnyside Gardens : planning and preservation in a historic garden suburb
Kroessler, Jeffrey A.
Call number: HT168 .S88 K764 2021

Supporting caregivers of children with ADHD : an integrated parenting program : therapist guide
Chronis-Tuscano, Andrea
Call number: RJ506 .H9 C58 2021

Surviving Becky(s) : pedagogies for deconstructing whiteness and gender
Call number: HT1506 .S87 2020

Taking charge of adult ADHD : proven strategies to succeed at work, at home, and in relationships
Barkley, Russell A., 1949-
Call number: RC394.A85 B385 2022

Taking charge of change : how rebuilders solve hard problems
Shoemaker, Paul, 1961-
Call number: HD57.7 .S56 2021

Teaching machines : the history of personalized learning
Watters, Audrey
Call number: LB1028.3 .W383 2021

Technological addictions
Call number: RC569.5.I54 T43 2022

Techno-vernacular creativity and innovation : culturally relevant making inside and outside of the classroom
Gaskins, Nettrice R.
Call number: LB1029 .M35 G37 2021

The Autism Full Employment Act : the next stage of jobs for adults with autism, ADHD, and other learning and mental health differences
Bernick, Michael, 1952-
Call number: HV3005 .B475 2021

The coding manual for qualitative researchers
Saldaña, Johnny
Call number: H62 .S31856 2021

The crisis of school violence : a new perspective
King, Marianna
Call number: LB3013.3 .K494 2021

The crisis of the meritocracy : Britain's transition to mass education since the Second World War
Mandler, Peter
Call number: LC93 .G7 M385 2020

The development of children's memory : the scientific contributions of Peter A. Ornstein
Call number: BF723 .M4 D478 2021

The essentials of special education law
Call number: KF4209.3 .B3738 2021

The future of Indian universities : comparative and international perspectives
International Conference on 'The Future of Indian Universities: Comparative Perspectives on Higher Education Reforms for a Knowledge Society' O.P. Jindal Global University) (2013 :
Call number: LA1153 .I567 2013

The gifted language learner : a case of nature or nurture?
Moyer, Alene, 1961-
Call number: P118.2 .M69 2021

The history of "zero tolerance" in American public schooling
Kafka, Judith, 1973-
Call number: LB3012.3.C2 K35 2013

The history of education in Japan (1600-2000)
Call number: LA1311 .H59 2017

The ideology of civic engagement : AmeriCorps, politics, and pedagogy
Carpenter, Sara, 1979-
Call number: LC220.5 .C356 2021

The invention of multilingualism
Gramling, David, 1976-
Call number: P115.45 .G73 2021

The joy of coaching : characteristics of effective instructional coaches
Frazier, Rebecca, A.
Call number: HD30.4 .F73 2021

The leader's greatest return : attracting, developing, and multiplying leaders
Maxwell, John C., 1947-
Call number: HD57.7 .M3942586 2020

The long crisis : New York City and the path to neoliberalism
Holtzman, Benjamin
Call number: HT177 .N5 H55 2021

The manifesto for teaching online
Bayne, Siân
Call number: LB2395.7 .B39 2020

The new PhD : how to build a better graduate education
Cassuto, Leonard, 1960-
Call number: LB2386 .C376 2021

The overparenting solution : raising resourceful children to meet today's challenges
Glass, George S.
Call number: HQ755.8 .G55 2021

The right to an age-friendly city : redistribution, recognition, and senior citizen rights in urban spaces
Joy, Meghan, 1983-
Call number: HT169 .C32 T57 2020

The school and society ; and, the child and the curriculum
Dewey, John, 1859-1952.
Call number: LB875 .D4 1990

The science of college : navigating the first year and beyond
Herzog, Patricia Snell
Call number: LB2343.3 .H47 2020

The shoulders we stand on : a history of bilingual education in New Mexico
Call number: LC3732 .N5 S56 2020

The students we share : preparing U.S. and Mexican educators for our transnational future
Call number: LC2682 .S78 2021

The University of Notre Dame : a history
Blantz, Thomas E.
Call number: LD4113 .B54 2020

The working mind : meaning and mental attention in human development
Pascual-Leone, Juan
Call number: BF713 .P378 2021

The writer's diet : a guide to fit prose
Sword, Helen
Call number: PE1408 .S79 2016

Think outside the building : how advanced leaders can change the world one smart innovation at a time
Kanter, Rosabeth Moss
Call number: HD57.7 .K3625 2020

This is our school! : race and community resistance to school reform
Gordon, Hava Rachel, 1974-
Call number: LC213.2 .G68 2021

Translingual pedagogical perspectives : engaging domestic and international students in the composition classroom
Call number: PE1404 .T764 2021

Treatment of autism spectrum disorder : evidence-based intervention strategies for communication & social interactions
Call number: RC553.A88 T735 2021

Understanding development and proficiency in writing : quantitative corpus linguistic approaches
Durrant, Philip, 1976-
Call number: PE1404 .D865 2021

Unexpected : parenting, prenatal testing, and Down syndrome
Piepmeier, Alison
Call number: RJ506 .D68 P53 2021

Ungrading : why rating students undermines learning (and what to do instead)
Call number: LB3060.37 .U55 2020

Unlocking the economic potential of post-industrial cities
Kahn, Matthew E., 1966-
Call number: HT175 .K34 2021

Variability and consistency in early language learning : the wordbank project
Frank, Michael C. (Professor of human biology)
Call number: LB1139 .L3 F66 2021

Wayfinding : the science and mystery of how humans navigate the world
O'Connor, M. R., 1982-
Call number: QP443 .O28 2019

We're not broken : changing the autism conversation
Garcia, Eric, 1990-
Call number: RC553.A88 G364 2021

What really works in special and inclusive education : using evidence-based teaching strategies
Mitchell, David R.
Call number: LC3965 .M58 2020

When colleges close : leading in a time of crisis
Churchill, Mary L., 1966-
Call number: LD519.5 .W54 C58 2021

You can't know it all : leading in the age of deep expertise
Wallace, Wanda T.
Call number: HD57.7 .W3517 2019

New Books and Other Items in the Curriculum Materials Center

New Books in the Youth Collection

Amazing buildings
Hayden, Kate.
Call number: NA2555 .H39 2003

Amelia Bedelia helps out
Parish, Peggy.
Call number: PZ7.P219 Ap 2005

Astronaut : living in space
Hayden, Kate
Call number: TL793 .H372 2017

Atlantis : the lost city
Donkin, Andrew.
Call number: GN751 .D65 2000

Bermuda Triangle
Call number: G558 .D66 2000

Bugs! bugs! bugs!
Dussling, Jennifer.
Call number: QL496 .D87 1998

Days of the knights : a tale of castles and battles
Maynard, Christopher.
Call number: CR4513 .M39 1998

Dinosaur detectives
Chrisp, Peter.
Call number: QE707.A2 C47 2009

Dinosaur dinners
Davis, Lee, 1941-
Call number: QE861.5 .D39 2015

Dinosaurs discovered
Lomax, Dean R.
Call number: QE861.5 .L66 2018

Dinosaurs! : battle of the bones
Siamon, Sharon.
Call number: QE861.5 .S485 2007

Eruption! : the story of volcanoes
Ganeri, Anita, 1961-
Call number: QE521.3 .G36 2000

Fire fighter!
Royston, Angela, 1945-
Call number: TH9148 .R75 1998

First flight : the story of the Wright Brothers
Jenner, Caryn.
Call number: TL540.W7 J46 2003

Free at last!
Bull, Angela, 1936-
Call number: E185.97.K5 B78 2009

Hope for the elephants
Murphy, Patricia J., 1963-
Call number: QL737.P98 M864 2015

Horse heroes : true stories of amazing horses
Petty, Kate
Call number: SF302 .P47 2012

Journey of a pioneer
Murphy, Patricia J., 1963-
Call number: F597 .M875 2008

Little Red
Woollvin, Bethan, author, illustrator.
Call number: PZ8.W913 Li 2016

Buller, Laura, 1952-
Call number: QL737.U54 B855 2019

Micro monsters : life under the microscope
Call number: QR57 .M39 1999

Plants bite back!
Platt, Richard.
Call number: QK100.A1 P58 1999

Revolution in our time : the Black Panther Party's promise to the people
Magoon, Kekla
Call number: E185.615 .M238 2021

Snow dogs! : racers of the North
Whitelaw, Ian, 1953-
Call number: SF428.7 .W47 2008

Space heroes : amazing astronauts
Buckley, James, Jr., 1963-
Call number: TL789.85.A1 B83 2004

Spacebusters : the race to the moon
Wilkinson, Philip, 1955-
Call number: TL789.8.U6 A667 2012

Spiders' secrets
Call number: QL458.4 .P53 2001

Stuart Little
White, E. B. 1899-1985. (Elwyn Brooks),
Call number: PZ7 .W58277 St 1973

The secret life of trees
Chevallier, Chiara
Call number: QK475.8 .C46 1999

The story of chocolate
Polin, C. J. (Caryn J.)
Call number: TX791 .P793 2005

The story of Columbus
Call number: E111 .G224 2001

The story of Muhammad Ali
Garrett, Leslie, 1964-
Call number: GV1132.A44 G37 2002

Tiger tales and big cat stories
Chancellor, Deborah.
Call number: QL737.C23 C44 2000

Titanic : the disaster that shocked the world!
Dubowski, Mark
Call number: G530.T6 D82 2015

Titanic : the disaster that shocked the world!
Dubowski, Mark.
Call number: G530 .T6 D82 1998