New Books at Peabody Library: August 2019

New Books in the Main Collection

"We've been doing it your way long enough" : choosing the culturally relevant classroom
Baines, Janice
Call number: LC1099.3 .B34 2018

A history of children's books in 100 books
Cave, Roderick
Call number: Z1037.A1 C38 2017

Absent from school : understanding and addressing student absenteeism
Call number: LC143 .A23 2019

Advanced research methods for the social and behavioral sciences
Call number: H61 .A39325 2019

Art for children experiencing psychological trauma : a guide for art educators and school-based professionals
Call number: RJ505.A7 A75 2018

Becoming the math teacher you wish you'd had : ideas and strategies from vibrant classrooms
Zager, Tracy, 1972-
Call number: QA11.2 .Z34 2017

Behavior modification : principles and procedures
Miltenberger, Raymond G.
Call number: BF637.B4 M535 2016

Bridging the multimodal gap : from theory to practice
Call number: PE1404 .B7355 2019

Building people : social-emotional learning for kids, families, schools & communities
Call number: LB1072 .B855 2018

Building success on success : teaching struggling students in math
Hanlon, Bill, 1950-
Call number: QA11.2 .H375 2019

Children's literature in a multiliterate world
Call number: LC1099 .C544 2018

Classroom cultures : equitable schooling for racially diverse youth
Knight-Manuel, Michelle (Michelle G.),
Call number: LC1099 .K55 2019

Connecting through talk : nurturing children's development with language
Dickinson, David K.
Call number: LB1139.5.L35 D53 2019

Creating conditions for growth : fostering teacher efficacy for student success
Thompson, Renée E.
Call number: LB1025.3 .T5315 2018

Creative interventions with traumatized children
Call number: RJ506.P66 C74 2015

Critical issues in school-based mental health : evidence-based research, practice, and interventions
Call number: LB3430 .C75 2016

Developmental neuropsychology : a clinical approach
Anderson, Vicki, 1958-
Call number: RJ486.5 .D48 2019

Distrust and educational change : overcoming barriers to just and lasting reform
Schultz, Katherine
Call number: LB2822.8 .S37 2019

Don't use your words! : children's emotions in a networked world
Juffer, Jane A.
Call number: BF723 .E6 J84 2019

Draft No. 4 : On the Writing Process
McPhee, John, 1931-
Call number: PN149 .M436 2018

Early childhood studies : principles and practice
Johnston, Jane, 1954-
Call number: HQ767.9 .J64 2018

Effective school interventions : evidence-based strategies for improving student outcomes
Burns, Matthew K.
Call number: LC1201 .R38 2017

Essentials of intensive intervention
Call number: LC4704.73 .E77 2019

Evaluating qualitative research
Cho, Jeasik
Call number: H62 .C436 2018

Explanation in causal inference : methods for mediation and interaction
VanderWeele, Tyler J.
Call number: H62 .V3238 2015

Explicit instruction : effective and efficient teaching
Archer, Anita L.
Call number: LB1025.3 .A718 2011

From dissertation to book
Germano, William P., 1950-
Call number: PN162 .G37 2013

From notes to narrative : writing ethnographies that everyone can read
Ghodsee, Kristen Rogheh, 1970-
Call number: GN307.7 .G464 2016

Fundamentals of qualitative research : a practical guide
Bhattacharya, Kakali
Call number: H62 .B478 2017

Gender diversity and LGBTQ inclusion in K-12 schools : a guide to supporting students, changing lives
Chappell, Sharon Verner
Call number: LC192.6 .C46 2018

Genetics, ethics, and education
Call number: QH431 .G4328 2017

Getting it published : a guide for scholars and anyone else serious about serious books
Germano, William P., 1950-
Call number: PN161 .G46 2016

Guardians of the next generation : igniting the passion for high quality teaching
Young, Nicholas D., 1967-
Call number: LB1025.3 .Y66 2018

Help! my students write like they text : teaching code-switching to improve writing
French, Jennifer, 1979-
Call number: LB1631 .F696 2018

How boards lead small colleges
Brown, Alice W. 1942- (Alice Williams),
Call number: LB2342.5 .B76 2019

How children learn to read : current issues and new directions in the integration of cognition, neurobiology and genetics of reading and dyslexia research and practice
Call number: BF456.R2 H67 2016

How people learn. learners, contexts, and cultures
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (U.S.).
Call number: LB1060 .N38 2018

Immersion : a writer's guide to going deep
Conover, Ted
Call number: PN3377.5.R45 C66 2016

Interpretive description : qualitative research for applied practice
Thorne, Sally E. 1951- (Sally Elizabeth),
Call number: LB1028 .T46 2016

Intersectionality and higher education : identity and inequality on college campuses
Call number: LC212.42 .I57 2019

InterViews : learning the craft of qualitative research interviewing
Kvale, Steinar, 1938-2008
Call number: HM48 .K9 2015

Introduction to mediation, moderation, and conditional process analysis : a regression-based approach
Hayes, Andrew F.
Call number: HA31.3 .H39 2018

Inventive minds : Marvin Minsky on education
Minsky, Marvin, 1927-2016
Call number: LB1590.3 .M555 2018

Irritability in pediatric psychopathology
Call number: RJ503.3 .I77 2019

Just giving : why philanthropy is failing democracy and how it can do better
Reich, Rob
Call number: HV41 .R453 2018

Language development and disorders in Spanish-speaking children
Call number: PC4074.85 .L36 2016

Leading the Crimson and Gray : the presidents of Washington State University.
Call number: LD5731 .W62 L43 2019

Learning and everyday life : access, participation, and changing practice
Lave, Jean
Call number: LB45 .L39 2019

Learning spaces for inclusion and social justice : success stories from four Nordic countries
Call number: LC192.2 .L437 2018

Literacy success for emergent bilinguals : getting it right in the preK-2 classroom
Roberts, Theresa A.
Call number: PE1128.A2 R543 2017

Longitudinal structural equation modeling : a comprehensive introduction
Newsom, Jason T.
Call number: H61.25 .N49 2015

Making learning job-embedded : cases from the field of instructional leadership
Call number: LB1731 .M295 2018

Mathematics : a toolkit for international teachers
Gilderdale, Charlie
Call number: QA11.2 .G55 2017

Mi padre : Mexican immigrant fathers and their children's education
Mayorga-Gallo, Sarah
Call number: LC3746 .M39 2017

Multicultural curriculum transformation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
Call number: LC1099 .M817 2018

Multilevel modeling using R
Finch, W. Holmes (William Holmes)
Call number: HA31.35 .F56 2014

Multimethod research, causal mechanisms, and case studies : an integrated approach
Goertz, Gary, 1953-
Call number: H62 .G574 2017

New to college teaching : everything new instructors need to know to be successful.
Call number: LB2331 .N48 2018

New to graduate school : everything those new to graduate school need to know to be successful.
Call number: LB2371.4 .N49 2018

New to tenure : everything those newly tenured need to know to be successful.
Call number: LB2335.7 .N49 2018

New to the faculty : everything new professors need to know to be successful : starter kit.
Call number: LB1778 .N49 2018

Online teaching : tools and techniques to achieve success with learners
Casey, K. Michael
Call number: LB1044.87 .C38 2018

Pedagogy of the oppressed
Freire, Paulo, 1921-1997
Call number: LB880.F73 P4313 2018

Phenomenology of practice : meaning-giving methods in phenomenological research and writing
Van Manen, Max
Call number: B829.5.A3 V36 2016

Philosophies of qualitative research
Brinkmann, Svend
Call number: H62 .B6625 2018

Principles and practice of structural equation modeling
Kline, Rex B.
Call number: QA278 .K585 2016

Qualitative analysis using NVivo : the five-level QDA method
Woolf, Nicholas H.
Call number: H62 .W6667 2018

Qualitative research : analyzing life
Saldaña, Johnny
Call number: H62 .S31865 2018

Quantitative social science : an introduction
Imai, Kosuke
Call number: H62 .I5365 2017

Race dialogues : a facilitator's guide to tackling the elephant in the classroom
Kaplowitz, Donna Rich, 1962-
Call number: LC1099.3 .K36 2019

Raising children : surprising insights from other cultures
Lancy, David F.
Call number: HQ769 .L189 2017

Reach everyone, teach everyone : universal design for learning in higher education
Tobin, Thomas J.
Call number: LC1200 .T63 2018

Reader, come home : the reading brain in a digital world
Wolf, Maryanne
Call number: BF456.R2 W65 2018

Reclaiming community : race and the uncertain future of youth work
Baldridge, Bianca J. 1983- (Bianca Jontae),
Call number: LC34.4 .B35 2019

Research design : quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, arts-based, and community-based participatory research approaches
Leavy, Patricia, 1975-
Call number: H62 .L396 2017

Research methods in psycholinguistics and the neurobiology of language : a practical guide
Call number: P37.3 .R43 2018

School psychopharmacology : translating research into practice
Call number: RJ504.7 .S36 2019

Sing a song of poetry : a teaching resource for phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency.
Fountas, Irene C.
Call number: LB1050.34 .F6753 2019

Syllabus design
Nunan, David.
Call number: LB2805.5 .N86 1988

Teach like yourself : how authentic teaching transforms our students and ourselves
Goldberg, Gravity
Call number: LB1025.3 .G647 2019

Teaching advanced literacy skills : a guide for leaders in linguistically diverse schools
Lesaux, Nonie K.
Call number: LB1576 .L4844 2016

Teaching for inclusion : eight principles for effective and equitable practice
Naraian, Srikala
Call number: LC1201 .N37 2017

Teaching while White : addressing the intersections of race and immigration in the classroom
Roy, Laura A., 1978-
Call number: LC1099.3 .R69 2018

The book in question : why and how reading is in crisis
Jago, Carol, 1951-
Call number: LB1632 .J35 2019

The Cambridge handbook of sexual development : childhood and adolescence
Call number: HQ784.S45 C36 2019

The Chronicle productivity guide to teaching & presenting : essential tools and tips for your success, from experts across academe
Call number: LB2331 .T43 2018

The design of childhood : how the material world shapes independent kids
Lange, Alexandra
Call number: GV425 .L355 2018

The essential guide to effect sizes : statistical power, meta-analysis, and the interpretation of research results
Ellis, Paul D., 1969-
Call number: Q180.55.S7 E45 2010

The PBIS tier one handbook : a practical approach to implementing the champion model
Djabrayan Hannigan, Jessica.
Call number: LB1060.2 .D53 2015

The personality brokers : the strange history of Myers-Briggs and the birth of personality testing
Emre, Merve
Call number: BF698.8.M94 E56 2018

The real school safety problem : the long-term consequences of harsh school punishment
Kupchik, Aaron
Call number: LB2866 .K86 2016

Theoretical frameworks in qualitative research
Call number: H62 .T427 2015

Thinking beyond the test : strategies for re-introducing higher-level thinking skills
Wagner, Paul A., 1947-
Call number: LB1590.3 .W34 2017

Thought and language
Vygotskiĭ, L. S. 1896-1934. (Lev Semenovich),
Call number: P37 .V9413 2012

Today's college students : a reader
Call number: LA186 .T63 2015

Tools for teaching conceptual understanding, secondary : designing lessons and assessments for deep learning
Stern, Julie Harris
Call number: LB1062 .S783 2017

Toward a critical-inclusive assessment practice for library instruction
McCartin, Lyda
Call number: Z711.25.C65 M37 2018

Trauma and recovery : the aftermath of violence - from domestic abuse to political terror
Herman, Judith Lewis, 1942-
Call number: RC552.P67 H47 2015

Unequal higher education : wealth, status, and student opportunity
Taylor, Barrett Jay
Call number: LB2331.63 .T38 2019

Vibrant learning : an integrative approach to teaching content area disciplines
Wellman, Debra K.
Call number: LB1050.455 .W54 2018

What's happened to the university? : a sociological exploration of its infantilisation
Furedi, Frank, 1947-
Call number: LC191.9 .F87 2017

New Books and Other Items in the Curriculum Materials Center

A to zoo : subject access to children's picture books
Thomas, Rebecca L.
Call number: Z1037 .L715 2018

Building a K-12 STEM lab : a step-by-step guide for school leaders and tech coaches
Nagler, Deborah Kantor
Call number: LB1585 .N34 2018

Chess for children
Chandler, Murray.
Call number: GV1446 .C547 2004

Developing baseline communication skills : games and activities for 3-5 year olds
Delamain, Catherine
Call number: P118.4 .D45 2019

Discovering voice : lessons to teach reading and writing of complex text
Dean, Nancy, 1945-
Call number: LB1631 .D2947 2016

Discovering voice : voice lessons for middle and high school
Call number: LB1631 .D2947 2006

Finding voice : introductory lessons to teach reading and writing of complex text
Dean, Nancy, 1945-
Call number: LB1573.7 .D43 2017

Lesson plans for the elementary PE teacher : a developmental movement education and skill-themes framework
Gosset, Michael E.
Call number: GV443 .G677 2019

Maker lab : 28 super cool projects : build, invent, create, discover
Challoner, Jack
Call number: Q182.3 .C545 2016

Math workshop : five steps to implementing guided math, learning stations, reflection, and more, grades K- 5 with video streaming
Lempp, Jennifer
Call number: QA135.6 .L445 2017

Morning meetings for special education classrooms : 101 fun ideas, creative activities and adaptable techniques
Durden, Felicia
Call number: LC4019 .D87 2017

Reading with presence : crafting mindful, evidence-based reading responses
Pryle, Marilyn Bogusch
Call number: LB1632 .P78 2018

Rhetorical devices : a handbook and activities for student writers
McGuigan, Brendan
Call number: PE1408 .M34 2016

Speaking, listening and understanding : games and activities for 5-7 year olds
Call number: LB1576 .D34 2019

The 6 academic writing assignments : designing the user's journey
Burke, Jim, 1961-
Call number: LB1631 .B77385 2019

The quickwrite handbook : mentor texts to jumpstart your students' thinking and writing
Rief, Linda
Call number: LB1576 .R5196 2018

Word study that sticks : best practices, K-6
Koutrakos, Pamela
Call number: LB1573.3 .K68 2019

Your UDL lesson planner : the step-by-step guide for teaching all learners
Ralabate, Patti.
Call number: LB1027.4 .R35 2016