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Data Analysis: R/RStudio

This LibGuide provides information on miscellaneous software tools

Recommended Reading


Twitter is excellent for crowdsourcing, networking, and finding R-related resources. I highly recommend following these people in the R community:

R Ladies

R Ladies is a working group that promotes diversity in the #rstats community via meetups, mentorship, and global collaboration. There are over 90 groups worldwide. We have our own R Ladies group here at Vanderbilt. For updates and future meetups, follow them on Twitter and Meetup


Downloading R/RStudio

  1. Download the R programming language here. You will need to download R before you download RStudio. Under "Download and Install R" make sure to click on your operating system (OS). If you're running on Windows, use Windows. If you're using Mac, use Mac. Click on base if you're downloading R for the first time. Continue to click through and accept the installation process. 
  2. Download RStudio here. RStudio is R's graphic user interface (GUI). Essentially, RStudio is a more user-friendly way to program in R. Like downloading R, make sure to choose your correct OS under "Installers." Click on your correct installer and RStudio.exe will download. 
  3. After you have both R and RStudio installed, open up RStudio:   
  4. Done. 
  • In exchange for a course syllabus, any .edu academic can get any and all RStudio professional tools for free use in teaching. 
  • Academic researchers not involved in teaching get 50% off. 
  • Example of tools: RStudio's Server Pro, RStudio Connect, and RStudio package manager. 

Why R? 

R is a powerful, open source (free) programming language primarily used for statistical analysis and visualization. It is the second most popular language in data science. 

Databases & Datasets

Use these resources to export data in tidy, tabulated format (.csv, .xlsx). 



Web Based Datasets:

Walker Management Library

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Walker Management *Library
Walker Management Library
Owen Graduate School of Management
401 21st. Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

Additional R/RStudio Resources