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Research Support for When You Don't Know How to Find Information

Week by Week Library Resources

The first week in PreLaunch is all about getting oriented to the Wond'ry and the PreLaunch program.  The Vanderbilt libraries are a treasure trove of information and it can be hard to know where to start to find just what you need.  This site is called a "library research guide" and is a first step.  Yet it can still be overwhelming.  Which is why the Wond'ry appointed a librarian as mentor to help you.  Contact Rahn Huber via this website.

There are many books about value proposition design.  Below are listed three from the Vanderbilt libraries.  They are also available from  Sometimes though, you just want a short read and so here are some websites:

When you contact a potential customer to hear their thoughts and ideas, the last thing you want to do is waste their time and yours.  Here are some links to help you be on point.

How to Conduct Customer Interviews (28 minute video  at top of page)

How to Conduct a Customer Interview (yes this is a different link than the one above!)

7 Open-Ended Questions You Should Ask in Customer Interviews

Library databases excel at answering this question.  Sometimes however you are creating a product or service that is so different than anything out there, you may need help finding the right information.  Just ask us if these ideas below don't work for you.

As a Vanderbilt community member (faculty, staff & student), you have access to millions of resources through the libraries.  If you are from the community outside of Vanderbilt, there are still ways that we can help you.  Contact Rahn Huber, Business Librarian and Wond'ry mentor to schedule an appointment.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Tennessee

Compiles data by state and city on funding; more than these reports on the main Kauffman page at

Spearheads the popular 36/86 Entrepreneurship Festival; funding support information on their website.

In 2017, NCN's $34 million partnership included leading Nashville entrepreneurs and executives as investors which targeted promising early stage companies that would benefit from NCN Partners' networks and expertise.

Tracks SEC filings for investments into startups, growing businesses, hedge funds, and private equity firms.

EO is a peer-to-peer network excluively for entrepreneurs. This network helps entrepreneurs to learn and grow from each other.