Course Reading List Tool

Locating a Course Reading List to Roll Over

  • Rolling over a reading list is the act of re-using a previously created reading list from a past course.
  • In Brightspace click on the Course Reading List Tool link

  • Select the Leave this page and explore the application option, instead of Create.

  • Press the X that is to the right of the course code.

  • Select the Search for your reading list option.

  • Find the course that you are wanting to roll over.

Rolling Over a Reading List

  • Click on th... (Reading List options)

  • Here you will want to select Roll Over List.

  • Type in the course code information, until you can select the correct course.

  • Here you will want to select Roll Over.

  • Click on thOK button to initiate the roll over

  • The following alert will appear, notifying you the list has been rolled over.

Updating Rolled List Information

  • Once this list has successfully rolled over you will see two lists.
  • Click on the list that has (Roll Over) in the title.

  • Once you are inside the reading list click on the Edit button.

  • Update the course title, and any other information before saving the changes.

Publishing Your Reading List

  • By default, your list is not shared with students. You need to publish it to make it visible to your students.
  • Click the at the top of your reading list.

Image Reading list options

  • Select Publish to open the publish dialog box. When you publish your list, you can choose who can see your list. Your options are:
    • Only students in your course
    • All VU students
    • Anyone
    • Best practice is to select Only Students in Your Course
  • Click Confirm to close the dialog box and publish your list.

Image Publishing Options